Just think of it: Burning nearly 200 calories in a matter of minutes. Aren’t such calorie-burning workouts ideal for those who cannot find time to exercise as a result of their busy schedules?

These effective and time-efficient workouts can be incorporated into your regular training routine by simply making some adjustments. Because whether we like to admit it or not, we can always find 20 minutes to improve our health and fitness.

So here are the 4 calorie-burning workouts:


Tabata training is a short yet intense workout style consisting of bodyweight exercises like Push-ups, Burpees, and Squats. The structure of the program is quite simple: you push yourself as hard as you can for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds until you complete 8 rounds.


There is evidence showing that Tabata training can burn as much as 15 calories per minute or 400 calories in a half-hour. Tabata training boosts your metabolism and helps you burn more calories.


Running at a steady pace is enough to produce performance gains when you are just starting out. Eventually, if you don’t increase the difficulty of your workouts, you will plateau and stop making progress. One effective way of avoiding this frustrating situation is interval training. And it’s not just for performance, interval training is great for weight loss, too.

Interval running consists of alternating periods of intense effort and active recovery. An interval run usually starts with a few minutes of jogging to warm up, followed by equal durations of sprints and easy running, typically lasting somewhere between 30 seconds and two minutes. You can do an interval run in just 15 minutes! Running intervals is great because the hard effort of the sprints burns calories and stimulates the afterburn effect, which means that calories continue to be burned after your workout. 

Although interval training can be done in several different sports, including swimming and cycling, running is still the most efficient way to burn calories.


No matter how good a workout is, it gets boring without variety. By adding hill running to your training routine, you can change up your routine and increase intensity. 

As you train on hills, you not only burn more fat by increasing the training resistance, but you also improve your form by forcing you to raise your knees higher than usual. Plus, inclines are great for strengthening your muscular system.


This combination of upper and lower body workouts is not only great for your health, enhancing heart performance, and torching significant calories, but it is also perfect for improving your coordination. 

Jumping rope is great exercise, but you have to make sure your knees and hips are not irritated by its pounding. Try to land gently and cushion the impact as much as possible. The right shoes can make all the difference and keep you skipping rope long after the others have quit or tripped up.


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