Most of us have all been injured at some point in our lives. It could have been a small paper cut, a sprain, a torn muscle, or a fractured bone. Depending on how severe the injury is, recovery can range from putting on a band-aid or applying plaster to learning how to walk again. One thing that is common with all recovery methods is reducing the pain and increasing the mobility of the injured area. To learn more about effective ways to reduce pain and increase mobility after an injury, keep reading.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

One of the most noteworthy impacts of being seriously injured is the emotional trauma that the injured person suffers. This trauma can be heavy on a person, especially if they rely on their body to make a living, like a sportsperson or someone in manual labor. CBT is a method that helps a patient improve their thinking, particularly for a person who has gone through life-changing or a potentially career-ending injury. It is primarily for patients suffering from addictions, anger issues, depression, eating disorders, bipolar disorder, and phobias.

However, presently it is used for the injured who are in need of psychological help when performing physical therapy. Conducting CBT will help the patient stay motivated while enduring the pain of physical recovery.

Physical Therapy

When healing from injuries, the most popular method used to recover is physical therapy. In Singapore, physical treatments such as massages, acupuncture, and other traditional methods are popular. Although in recent times, new knowledge and technology have aided the growth of physiotherapy Singapore and various research-driven ways of treating patients. The use of techniques like shockwave treatment, specialized sports massages, and post-surgery rehabilitation allow medical practitioners to give the injured their mobility back while helping to reduce their pain.


Physical therapy can help with reducing muscle spasms, relaxing the muscle, improving posture, increasing flexibility and blood circulation.

Relaxation Techniques

When injured, it can lead to being frustrated or stressed, especially if it’s an injury that impairs your movement. Stress isn’t good for any patient when injured because it can lead to tightness and soreness of muscles, further contributing to the pain. Therefore, learning ways to relax can be very useful in managing pain. One of the best forms of relaxation is practicing yoga. Yoga allows you to use relaxing techniques like deep breathing, guided imagery, and mindful breathing while also giving you the option of improving your flexibility through its movements and forms. Practicing breathing techniques can help you relax your muscles, reducing muscle spasms, tension, and aches around the injured area. You can also perform activities that relax your mind, like crafting, soaking in a bath, or reading your favorite book.

It is not an easy journey regaining the mobility of an injured muscle or joint. The good news is there are several techniques available today to help you reduce the pain while helping move those stiff muscles and joints. The approaches discussed herein are but a few of them. Reviewing your condition with a medical professional is the best approach for a well-tailored treatment.


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