Losing weight seems like a far-fetched dream for a lot of people until you actually start seeing positive transformation in your body. One of the reasons why losing body fat and building more muscle takes time and often leads to frustration is that people do it the wrong way and expect results really fast.

You can always go under rigid diets and lose a few pounds in just a few weeks, but that is not healthy or something you can maintain in the long run. Soon you will find yourself bouncing back really fast. Focusing on weight loss only is not the way to go, you have to incorporate building more muscle within your plan. That way you will plan both your meals and your workouts effectively and get the best out of both. In this article, we will guide you with some ways to simultaneously lose weight and build muscle and get satisfactory results.

1. Be Patient

The most common mistake that we commit during our weight loss journey is that we want results and we want them now. If you want to build muscle during the weight loss process, you have to be patient and stay motivated for as long as you can. Losing a lot of weight fast is not healthy and is not something that you can maintain or keep going for long. That is why most of the diets fail; at some point, people just lose hope and go back to their old unhealthy eating habits. Instead, keep it slow but steady to enjoy a healthier body.

2.   Plan Your Workouts with Your Goal in Mind

Workouts are tailored according to what you aim to get out of them. There are equipment items that can help you make the most out of your time in the gym or even your home workout session, wearing weight vests is definitely considered a move in the right direction. They can be used with more than one form of exercise, weight vests are a great way to add that extra touch to your squats or push-ups and get the most out of these. You can add weight plates to the vest depending on your need and ability and how much you want to challenge yourself, but make sure you consult your trainer first.


3.   Eat More Protein

Implementing result oriented dietary changes as a part of a rigid diet will not continue after you have achieved your goal.  You must have tried it before and you were unable to keep it going for a long time. It is better if you incorporate any dietary changes as lifestyle changes, that way you won’t get bored easily or feel frustrated. Adding proteins to every meal and making it a habit might sound hard at the beginning but there are many high protein recipes that you might not have tried before. People refrain from healthy eating because they think it is just one or two meals on repeat, but it does not have to be that way at all. You can always add or remove from your diet once you know what are the foods that are considered high sources of protein and learn to cook them in a creative way. If you decide to put some effort into cooking your ingredients, you will end up with rewarding meals.

4.   Aim at Changing Your Body Composition

Your body composition is not the same as your body weight, it is a ratio of body mass to lean mass. When you aim at changing that, you are aiming basically at changing this ratio. Recomposing your body is not about losing weight, in fact, you may slightly gain weight in the process but your body will look different in a good way. You will start to build muscles and your body will look firmer and more put together.

To reach your ideal body weight in a healthy manner is something that requires hard work, dedication, persistence, and patience. In fact, everything that is worth having needs you to work for it and do some sort of effort. Keep your goal in front of your eyes always and try as hard as you can to attain it.

Do not be turned off by setbacks, as they happen to all of us. Learn from your mistakes and get back on track as soon as you can, nothing good comes from too much self-guilt. Remember to always love your body no matter how it looks and do not let societal standards dictate how you feel or what you do. You are only going through this journey for yourself and to enjoy a healthier body, this should be something you constantly remind yourself with.


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