Do you ever feel like you’re lethargic for no reason at all, and you have no energy to do anything? Life has become quite sedentary nowadays for pretty much everyone who spends long hours at desks and work from home settings. Our body has a way of having low energy levels when we need it the most. While it happens to the best of us, there are many ways to prevent this. Here are some of the most effective ways to boost your energy level.

Move It

As mentioned earlier, our lifestyles have become quite sedentary. Many of us are working from home due to the pandemic, even at offices, we are chained to our desks. A little movement goes a long way to revitalize the mind and the body. First, you need to add exercise to your lifestyle. But if you can’t go to the gym or go for a regular jog you can do the following to increase your energy level:

  • Remember to stretch your body at least twice during a normal day at work/home. Remember the PT routines? or yoga poses? they would help, too. Stretching works instantly and gives your body a boost.
  • Try to take out time during your lunch break and take a stroll in the corridor, or around the block, or in your house wherever possible. You can count the steps and keep an average of 10,000 – 18,000 steps per day as a goal. That way, you’ll take a longer route just to reach your target.
  • Try to make taking the stairs a habit especially if it’s only a few floors

You Are What You Eat (Or Drink!)

It’s true! Usually, it’s nothing but blood sugar levels that is keeping you down. Sometimes you get instant energy from high sugared foods, but then sometime later you feel drained. To keep your body up and running, you need to keep your diet balanced with fruits, legumes, high-fiber vegetables, and nuts to boost your energy levels in your daily routine.

These foods give you good nutrients that not only increase your energy levels but also keep you healthy. There is another way to get instant energy, which is superfoods: the combinations of nutritious vegetables in a single form developed based on percent daily requirement. These superfoods are available in many forms including green supplement drinks, which are in powdered form and you need just one scoop dissolved in water for the whole day. This way you get all your greens from one source and not only increase energy level but also improve your immune system, digestive system, gut health, and weight loss. 


Is it Time for the Next Meal?

One important thing to remember is when you eat your food. Plan your meals according to your routine. You can snack in between the meals, with fruits, nuts or salads. Do not skip meals as they drain your body of the energy they require during the day. And yes, don’t sleep right after a meal, give your body at least three hours of digestion before you sleep.

Hydrate Yourself

Did you know even a little dehydration may cause fatigue and listlessness? This is because the tiniest cells in our body need water to function properly. So, to maintain your metabolism and energy levels, remember to drink lots of water.


Wanna watch just one more episode of your favorite series? Please choose sleep and better health. Get a good 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night for reduced stress.

Speaking of sleep, power naps are great for increasing energy levels. But a word of caution: choose it wisely, if you don’t, you might wake up groggy or might even have trouble sleeping during the night. A trick to it is: taking your coffee and sleeping right after, before the caffeine kicks in,  have your power nap, and you’ll wake up energized.

Take a Digital Break

Yes, away from all your devices like your phone, tablet, laptop, even TV, just you. Create your quiet space, so to say, even if just for 15 minutes. It takes you away from all the distractions, relaxes the mind, and provides a surge in energy.

When you feel like you have no energy, it’s a bad sign, it means your body is telling you to take a break. All the suggestions above are very simple, follow these and your energy will be restored in no time. It all comes down to making lifestyle changes, and it’s important to remember that each change affects the other, so if you make a collective commitment to changing every aspect of your life for the better, you’ll see how much a difference it will make to your energy levels in a big way.


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