The thing about exercise routines is that unless they are tough, they cannot really produce results. This holds true irrespective of whether your goal is to shed fat, gain muscle or do both simultaneously. This is precisely why we see so many people spending years in the gym, without getting the results they wanted to see from those expensive sessions.

What people do is that they get settled into a routine in which they are comfortable enough to continue for months, if not years. That is not how weight loss or muscle gain works unfortunately, as settling into an easy routine defeats the very principle on which exercise regimens are supposed to work.

If your body does not find it difficult to complete the current workout sessions, it will have no reason to grow stronger, fitter and leaner. Therefore, it is essential to keep up with a tough workout regimen, since that is the only possible way to reach your fitness goals. As to how you can maximize your time and efforts in the gym though, we have some tried and tested tips for you to go through next.

1. Spend Less Time in the Gym

Telling someone to spend less time at the gym may seem like something that goes against everything we just discussed, but that’s only because most of us do not know how it works. If your routine is both tough and progressive in design, and you are following it properly, you should not need to spend more than 45 – 75 minutes per workout. This includes rest periods between sets as well, but try to limit each break to no more than 30-60 seconds. When you concentrate entirely on intensifying your workouts and stay away from distractions until you are done, each session allows you to get more out of your time and energy.


2. Sleep Well

It does not matter what your fitness goals are, but if you are not getting at least 7 hours of rejuvenating sleep at night, it would be very difficult, if not impossible, to keep up with a tough exercise routine. If you have back pain and it keeps you up at night sometimes, get a good hybrid mattress with support for the lower back. People have seen overnight changes in their sleep quality by shifting to a balanced, supportive mattress. Other than changing the mattress, you should also try a few common sleeping hacks to see if you cannot improve the quality of your sleep. Try to maintain a regular bedtime and avoid drinking coffee or taking any other form of caffeinated drink or caffeine supplements after lunch.

3. Eat Smart

Eating smart refers to following a few basic rules while creating a meal plan. These rules can be summarized as follows, but you may need the help of a professional dietician to create the necessary dietary plans. These rules include:

  • Getting a decent understanding about the nutritional content of what you usually eat on a daily basis (meat, eggs, milk, bread, etc.)
  • Setting daily nutrient and caloric targets which would meet the needs of the specific day’s workout plan
  • Timing your carb intakes to provide maximum energy during intense workouts
  • Learning to cook some basic dishes out of basic ingredients

The main idea behind it all is to ensure that your body is properly fed and ready to take on the upcoming tough workout session, while avoiding any chances of overeating at the same time.

These hacks will make each of your toughest workout sessions feel more satisfying and less tiring than before, without sacrificing on the essential physical challenge they bring. These will also help you to prevent overstressing, injuries and other setbacks, which in turn will aid in reaching personal fitness goals much faster than usual.


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