While most of us aim to follow good food habits, it can sometimes feel like a tall order. However, when you break it down to smaller goals, achieving this can be a breeze.

Learn To Cook

This is the best way to get the habit of eating healthy, as you know exactly what’s in every meal. Don’t be intimidated by the idea; you can start small by making simple stir-fried dishes or putting together hearty salads. If you already know how to cook, challenge yourself: Pick up a new cuisine or learn a new dish each month.

Plan Your Meals

Being spontaneous is good, but when it comes to healthy eating, it’s better to plan ahead. When you’re making last-minute food decisions, you tend to reach for the easiest options, which are usually fast food or pastries. Planning in advance also enables you to pick the exact types of food you need for better health. Pack a few healthy lunches in advance if you have time.

Cut Down On Sugar

This isn’t only relevant for those with sweet tooth, as sugar is prevalent in more foods than you’d think. Make a conscious effort to cut out foods with “hidden” sugar such as breakfast bars, smoothies and energy drinks.


Don’t waste food

It’s not just about what you consume. It’s what you throw away too. Food wastage in Singapore has increased by around 48% over the past 10 years, and it’s time we all did our part. Only buy what you know you’re going to eat. And before throwing out any, think about whether you can give it away (for example, donating to charity) or if it can be reused in another meal.

Eat Less But More Often

When you stick to a strict three-meals-a-day diet, it’s not uncommon to reach for snacks to tide you over during the day. It’s best to avoid this by spreading out your meals. Have five smaller meals instead of three big ones. It makes it easier to control your portions and also helps to boost your metabolism.


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