Try it CrossFit on your own before joining a class, or simply use it as a base workout to complement other sports. Here are CrossFit exercises to build strength, burn fat and improve poise.

The fitness scene is never short of trends and buzzwords to get the adrenalin pumping. In recent times, CrossFit is one of these. As an exercise regimen, system or even culture, it offers intense workouts centred around functional exercises and circuit training designed to build body strength and agility for everyday life, as opposed to workouts targeting isolated muscles or muscle groups. It is also usually conducted in classes such that group dynamics are used to drive focus and motivation – to keep individuals going despite the strain.

CrossFit attempts to optimize physical competence across an array of different recognized fitness domains – the cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy.

Before we continue with the CrossFit exercises, lets learn some CrossFit lingos first!


  • Box – A CrossFit gym
  • WOD – Workout of the day. Usually lasting about 20 minutes
  • AMRAP – As many reps/rounds as possible, to be achieved for timed workouts
  • For time – When the goal is to finish the prescribed workout in the least time possible
  • Score – The total number of rounds completed, plus the number of reps achieved in the completed round. “4R + 4” means you completed 4 rounds of the workout and four reps into the fifth round.
  • RX’D – Means “as prescribed”. When tacked to your score, it says you completed the workout as prescribed.

CrossFit WOD Beginner: Half Cindy

5 Standard pull-ups + 10 full push-ups + 15 prisoner/counterbalance air squats. 10 mins; AMRAP

Credit: Fitwirr

The Full Cindy is 20 minutes. For beginners, the Half Cindy to be done over 10 mins will present a tough enough challenge by acquainting your muscles to the new regimen. If starting from a lower fitness level, try 5-minute workouts instead. When doing the squat, lower yourself till your glutes are below knee level.

CrossFit WOD Intermediate: Spidey

Bounce medicine ball, burpees with medicine ball. 21, 15, 9 REPS; For time

Bounce a medicine ball to yourself, then do burpees with it. Do three rounds, comprising 21, 15, 9 reps respectively, as quickly as you can. Pick a harder ball to do the burpees on.


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