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Charity events are increasingly becoming a great way of raising money for a good cause. While a charity race provides a healthy way for participants to get involved, it also offers a good opportunity to visibly publicize the charity. A charity race can provide people with a chance to get together and have fun raising money. Even though trying to organize a charity race can seem like a massive and daunting task, it can be a successful event to bring a community together while raising funds. Here are a few steps that can help you when organizing a charity race.

Pick a Route

Picking a route is an essential part of organizing a charity race and will require asking for permission and a lot of planning. This task should be discussed by the organization and safety aspects and visibility should be taken into consideration. Try to keep to well-lit roads and areas where the public will be able to see what is taking place, so you also attract attention for your cause. Don’t forget that you will need the local government’s co-operation in order to get approval for road closures and may even need police supervision. Try and make the route as inclusive as possible so that people of all ages and capabilities can take part. The more that take part, the more money raised and more public attention the cause can receive.

Marketing the Race

Promoting the event is a crucial step when organizing your charity race as without the public knowing about it, it will not receive the attention and success rates that you hoped for. Social media is a great way to promote your event as it provides you with a fast way to reach a huge group of people all in one go, but it also gives you an easy way to spread the relevant information to participants once they have signed up. You could create a Facebook event on the organization’s page and invite people to take part. It would also be a great idea to advertise your event with local running clubs. There are also running event websites in which you can advertise your charity running event. Another really good way to market your race would be to order giveaways for your participants as a good promotional tool. By using things such as custom lapel pins for those who participate in the race, you will get further publicity after the event has taken place.

Recruit Volunteers

Once you have an idea of how many people have registered to take part in the charity race, you will know how many volunteers will be required to staff the event. You can start by recruiting volunteers through the charity organization itself and seek out people to help on the day from the already existing pool of volunteers. Your social media event is also another good way to ask for people to volunteer to help at the charity race. Volunteering could be a good way for those people who do not feel comfortable to do the race itself to still get involved in the good cause. Even people who are not available on the day may be able to help set up the event the day before or help create the giveaway bags. If possible, try and provide some sort of perk for the volunteers (for example, provide some small refreshments) and ultimately make it a fun day for everyone involved.


Despite a charity race event being a big event to organize, it can be a successful way of raising funds and attention for a cause. While it is a great opportunity for a charity organization, a race can provide a great day of fun for the whole community.



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