If you don’t think the clothes you buy can improve your next run, think again. Runners are always looking for the next best way to increase performance and look good, and smart clothes are helping them do just that. Whether you’re looking to track biometric data or simply find an outfit that will help you feel as fit as you are, smart clothes are turning runners into their own high caliber science experiments. It’s not surprising that these high tech brands are becoming so popular.

Get yourself some smart support

Sports bras can do a lot more than lend support these days. Some bras can now upload your heart rate to an app. It turns out that you can now get most of your wardrobe to communicate with your smartphone.  Even socks are tracking biometric data. Some socks have smartphone apps and chargers so that you can always have access to the data logged during each run. If you’re one of those runners who is always getting injured, you can get socks that will tell you if you’re striking the ground in a way that could cause damage.

Wear clothes that make you feel as fit as you are


In this modern world, there are innovations in fashion that reveal a toned silhouette long after your race is over. So you can show off all that hard work when you’re out with friends or at the office. Whether you’re a new runner, a new mom, or are just self conscious about your body, you can find clothes that will help you look as great on the outside as you feel. Even if you’re still working towards your goals, you should feel as tough as the workout routine you’ve committed to.

Recover faster on your days off

Yoga has always been an effective way for runners to avoid injury and recover efficiently. A regular practice can strengthen the supportive muscles that help you stay strong on the road and create more flexibility in your whole body. But in order to get all of yoga’s benefits, you have to have good form, and an instructor isn’t always there to correct you. Now there are smart fabrics in yoga pants that can sense when you are misaligned.

Always try to level up

As an athlete, you know that if you aren’t taking a step forward, you’re taking a step back. With so much new tech on the market, it’s easy to improve the way you look, feel and perform just by changing up your outfit. So get out there and level up, on and off the running path.


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