Before you started running, you probably thought it was one of the cheapest sports. Now you realize how the costs add up, with the average runner spending $300 a year on running shoes. Sneakers, which regularly need replacing, can cost over $150 a pair; specialist clothing can cost up to $200; and fitness trackers can be in the region of $300-$500. Sure, you could throw on some old shoes and forget the tech, but you won’t be able to track your mileage, times and progress. Don’t be disheartened though. It is possible to use some of the best running equipment, without breaking the bank.

Wait For the Sales

When it comes to maintaining healthy personal finances, you need to be able to track your spending and take advantage of special offers. Some items, such as sneakers and clothing, can be hard to find second hand. You need the highest quality items, which haven’t been worn down by previous use. Midsole cushioning and arch support ensure good posture, preventing injury through straining.

If you need high quality clothing and accessories, but don’t have the finances to purchase it, then wait for the sales. It can be tempting to buy an item as soon as you spot it, but when new products enter the store, they are overpriced. Wait a few weeks for stocks to die down and watch the prices get slashed as stores try to shift their last products. You can also wait for holiday sales such as Black Friday or search online for discount codes. The same sneaker at 50% off is still just as good as when it was full price.


Buy Tech Second Hand

One area where it is possible to search the second hand market is in tech. Fitness tracking devices are often bought as gifts for people who never use them or people looking to workout, but find they don’t have the time. For this reason, the internet is flooded with lightly used or unused fitness tech at reduced prices.

Make sure the item you’re buying is listed as fully functional and you shouldn’t have a problem. The price of technology depreciates rapidly, so don’t be afraid of buying a version which is a couple of years old. It will still work well, but be much better value than the brand new alternative.

Use Your Smartphone

If the specialized technology is still out of your budget, then there is another option. Fitness apps for your smartphone do pretty much the same thing. The app developers make money from advertising and in app purchasing, meaning that you can often use their service for free. It might not be as detailed as specially made trackers, but you can still track your times and distances, so you have the opportunity to set new personal bests.

As with any hobby, running requires specialist equipment which can be expensive. However, there are steps you can take to limit the damage to your bank account. Resist the urge to buy products immediately, waiting for sales offering large savings. Buy technology second hand or use your smartphone as a cheap alternative to continue to improve as a runner.


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