The standard distances such as the marathon distance, half marathon distance, and 10 km are popular. You would always have a benchmark as to your time to beat for a half marathon or a marathon. But do you know your personal best for an odd distance, for instance, a 32 km or a 15 km? But, yet, these 4 odd distance races are really popular in Singapore and Malaysia. Bookmark them!

#1 32 km Newton Run, Singapore

The Newton Challenge is very popular and is a must-do race for many. The distance of 32 kilometers gives you a great opportunity to push yourself across a 32 km distance. It’s easier to push yourself during a race as compared to a training run on your own. You do not need to worry about your hydration needs because there’ll be water stations along the way. It’s basically a great way to get in a good long run training!

The Newton Challenge is also always strategically held a couple of weeks before the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon. So, the Newton Run is a good training run and also provides you a good gauge as to your fitness before the big marathon!


We heard that the post-race food is amazing as well!

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#2 15km Race Against Cancer, Singapore

This run is a run to save lives. Racing against cancer means coming out to make a statement against cancer, to minimize cancer and maximize life. Thing is, no one should fight cancer alone! So, this event invites people from all walks of life to stand with people who have been impacted by cancer. Run 15 km with possibly the strongest people you would ever meet! It’s a great cause – one that touches the heart of many runners, hence, making this a run that is much loved!

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#3  20.5 km BDB Climb & Run, Malaysia

This run is a unique one but oh-so-much-fun! Challenge your limits with a 3.9 km uphill and a 16.6 km downhill run. You climb 3.9 km up via 4,287 steps all the way to the top of Gunung Raya which is the highest peak in Langkawi. It is misty, but right at the top, when the stunning view reveals itself, you will be in awe. Thereafter, you run downhill all the way right back to the finish line. Speeding downhill for 16 km – there’s no greater feeling for any runner!

#4 30 km Dragon Back Run, Malaysia

Runners somehow for some incomprehensible reason find joy in pain. It’s tough to explain why runners love this run, but they do keep coming back for more. The Dragon Back Run – as the name suggests – has a route like a dragon’s back. It goes up and down, and up and down, and leaves you wondering when the up would ever end. Yet people keep coming back for more. This year 2018, there’s even a 30 km distance.

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