It has been a thriving year for everything fitness. It’s trending right now and people are really into the fit life. It’s the in thing to be involved in right now. Here is a rundown of the 5 popular fitness trends of 2018. If you’re a total fitness geek, this would be totally up your alley.

#1 Group Classes

Why suffer alone when you can go through sweat, blood, and tears with a bunch of fitness freaks. And you know what, you aren’t the only crazy person who is going to actually enjoy the pain. You also get the additional motivation to push yourself to your limits. When you see someone pushing their limits, you are more likely to do the same.

Crossfit classes and boot camps are becoming increasingly popular for this reason. There’s just something about the camaraderie that keeps us going back for more. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’ve got to try it to understand it. Group classes truly embody the meaning of fitness family!


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#2 Fitness Trackers

If you don’t have a Jawbone or a Garmin tracking your steps, heart rate, and pace, you’re probably not part of the cool kids’ gang. It’s imperative to have one of these cool gadgets these days. These gadgets track everything you want to know about your workout – duration, calories burnt, heart rate, distance and even pace. Some even track your sleep patterns!

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The latest must-have is the brand new Apple watch which boasts cellular functions. Leave your phone behind whilst on your run but still be connected to the digital world. You can receive texts and make calls whilst out on your run – whether you are on track, on your long run, in a jungle or atop a mountain. So cool right?

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#3 Heart Rate Monitoring

The idea of training based on heart rate monitoring is a current trend. Nowadays, with wrist-based heart rate monitors embedded in GPS watches, it makes heart rate monitoring much more convenient.

Training at different heart rate zones brings different benefits to your body! There are 5 different training zones – the warm-up zone, the fat burn zone, the cardio zone,  the intense zone and the maximum zone. Fully utilize your workout by training within specific heart rate zones. For instance, if you’re looking to burn fat, you should be training within the fat burn zone.

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#4 Community Workouts

Community workouts are the in thing right now. You get to mingle with people, workout and get great discounts on cool brands. Community workouts are fitness events that are organized by fitness brands to showcase what they have to offer at the same time gain brand awareness. Some offer complimentary gear and some great discount vouchers.

Check out the Salomon monthly community run, or the Hoke One One Running clinic or the yoga classes by Lululemon.

#5 Core Attack

It’s always trending – getting a 6 pack! Everyone wants a 6 pack. There’s a reason why they get guys to flaunt their abs in Abercombie and Fitch and not guys with a beer belly! Everyone wants abs!

A strong core is also very important for most sport – from boxing to running, to cycling to CrossFit! The significance of a strong core cannot be stressed more. It gives you the stability you need and puts you in the proper posture that protects your back from sustaining injuries.

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