Ancient Greeks and Roman view abs as a symbol of health and strength. It symbolises the immortal perfection and strength of gods. Even today, the prestige of abs is all too well known. Who wouldn’t want a set of abs to rock? But, it isn’t easy to own a 6 pack. Been working out but abs still not showing? – maybe you are committing one of these 4 deadly sins!

#1 You Have Too Much Fat

It’s blunt! But yes, you probably have too much fat. The key to abs is not strong abs, but low body fat. You could have hell of a great 6 pack but unfortunately, buried under a layer of fat. And no matter how many thousands of crunches or setups you do, unless you get rid of your fat layer, your abs won’w show. So, when it comes to abs, the most effective way is to clean up your diet. Training can only get you so far. The rest boils down to what you eat! So, trade the pizza for a healthier choice!

#2 You Crunch Your Way To Abs

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as targeted fat loss. You cannot lost fat in specific areas by training that part of your body more often. The only way to burn the fat off from your tummy is by slowly and gradually burning it off from your entire body through cardio, nutrition and resistance training. The unfortunate news though is that abdominal fat has great tenacity. It is usually the last to come off, and the first to come back. So, the key here is consistency. Incorporate the cardio, keep off the fatty food and you will eventually see the results.


#3 You Aren’t Training Heavy

Many people think the way to abs is crunching out 1000 sit-ups and 1000 crunches. But this does not stimulate your muscles to grow. For your abdominal muscles to grow, you need to stimulate them by training heavy. Use a heavier resistance and increase the training load as you progress. Don’t just stick to doing 1000 setups everyday.

#4 Your Diet Is Not Consistent

Remember, consistency is key to abs. Don’t go on crash diets. Crash diets have the tendency to cause binge eating somewhere down the road. Being on a strict diet for 4 weeks and bringing it to and end by binging will not bring you abs all year round. You need to make this a lifestyle – a sustainable lifestyle. A cheat meal once a week is fine, just don’t go overboard. Remember stay consistent in your diet and at the gym and you will be looking lean all year round!


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