The Taurus-born is really chilled out. However, they carry with them the stubborn trait. They like to be their own boss. They have somewhat conflicting traits at 2 different ends of a pole. This is why a fitness regime that gets the fight out of their system coupled with calmer workouts suit the Taurus-born.

#1 Yoga

Yoga suits you because it’s so laid back and really chill. It is physical, mental and spiritual – a mind-body practice. It combines physical postures, breathing techniques, and meditation or relaxation. Don’t be fooled by Yoga, it can give you a pretty intense workout. A sport that suits the Taurus traits.

#2 Boxing


Photo Credits: livestrong

Boxing can really bring the fight out in you – literally. Despite being a laid back person, the Taurus-born is also a born fighter and grounded. The Taurus would enjoy a good boxing session. This combat sport really works every inch of your muscle – from upper body to core.

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#3 Home Workouts

Photo Credits: Mammoth Hunters

You are your own boss with home workouts. You design your own workouts. You execute them. This no-one telling you what you should be doing is right up your alley. Pick a routine that gives you a great overall body workout. You should work your upper body, lower body, and core. Hint: burpees!


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