The Aquarius-born, on one hand, is shy and quiet but on the other hand can be eccentric and energetic. The sign is very inquisitive, curious and the most imaginative by nature. This is why new fitness regimes are great for the Aquarius-born. They need something to keep them on their toes – something fresh and new!

#1 Bounce Class

This class will bring back your childhood days. Bring out the inner kid in you jumping on trampolines. The bounce classes are a sure fast way to get your heart rate up and burns tons of calories. It’s a high intensity, low impact cardio workout that works all your muscles – giving you a toned body. The lifting and energetic soundtracks will keep you going through the whole session.

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#2 Surfing

Photo Credits: Pantagonia Sports

It’s no secret surfing is fun and it makes us feel young, wild and free. It’s ridiculously addictive – being able to ride on waves. Surfing gives you that adrenaline rush that leaves you wanting more. It also gives you a great overall workout, working your core muscles especially to stabilize yourself. Give it a try – go on a surfing holiday!

#3 Piloxing

Piloxing is a fusion of Pilates and Boxing. It’s a combination of a high-intensity exercise with standing Pilates stances. It becomes an interval training with the rest interval being a Pilates movement that helps lengthen and tone your muscles. If you want more of a challenge, you can use weighted piloxing gloves to give you a tougher workout.

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