Whether you are a workout junkie, or just someone who is looking for something new to try in 2017, you need to know that in our current, highly volatile society, there is always something NEW that’s happening somewhere. And you need to go try it out!

Here are 3 crazy fun and new fitness workouts you can attempt to master in the new year!

#1 Wall Rope Yoga

  Photo Credits: One Century Yoga

Have you ever attended a yoga class and while 90 percent of them are doing headstands like nobody’s business, you struggle even to get your head firmly planted on the ground?


If being able to do your yoga upside down is what you seek, then wall rope yoga will be something up your alley. Wall rope yoga, a style that involves the use of ropes, was pioneered by the late Indian yoga master B.K.S Iyengar in the early 20th century. But it gained popularity here only recently. If you would like to give it a go, the largest studio to hold such classes in Singapore is Pure Yoga at Ngee Ann City. Just so you know, there are only 3 studios in Singapore that do this right now.

If you think it is just hanging upside down with ropes against a wall and meditating, you may only be half right. Apparently, this form of exercise helps those who do it take note of the fine movements in the muscles and tissues.

#2 Boogie Bounce Xtreme

If you loved jumping on trampolines when you were a kid, and maybe still enjoy doing it now, this may just be the workout for you.

  Photo Credits: Boogie Bounce

In a Boogie Bounce Xtreme class, you can be just like a Gummy Bear and bounce here, there and everywhere while burning away those damned calories. But bear in mind (excuse the pun), while you are encouraged to bounce, you need to be mindful of how high you go as the aim here is to jump in a controlled manner – to work the various parts of your body.

Do take note though that it’s not all bouncing throughout the class. There’s also a mix in of pilates and balancing exercises that are done in the beginning to ensure you get a well-rounded workout.

#3 Kararobics

The name says it all – literally! If you love to hit the karaoke joints and sing your heart out and you also enjoy working out, this is something you just HAVE to try.

The concept is simple. Basically you sing along to song lyrics while you move your body to the Zumba-like dance steps. Imagine being able to work out and move to that new tune by your favourite singer! If you are someone who wishes to improve your leg-eye coordination, this is perfect.

  Photo Credits: Esplanade

Now you can experience how Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande and Beyonce sing and dance at the same time. Definitely not an easy feat but hey, if they can do it, so can you!

Let the year 2017 be one of trying new things! Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!

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