TTDI residents want the construction of high-rise apartments in Bukit Kiara to stop! This development will cause irreversible damage to the luscious greenery Bukit Kiara has to offer. The land is developed in a joint venture with Yayasan Wilayah Persekutuan, welfare arm of the Federal Territories Ministry.

The KL High Court has recently dismissed the stay application filed by TTDI residents to stop the proposed mixed development in Bukit Kiara pending a judicial review. The formal basis for dismissal is the substantial cost involved which is said to amount to MYR 115 million. The group is required to fork out MYR 40,000 in legal costs incurred for the stay application.

Photo Credits: Lemang Music

The #savekiara project is a public action out of public interest. There must be a consideration of the permanent effect of land clearing. The applicants have nothing to gain from the application, their sole interest is to not have high-end condos built on a green lung and to preserve a great public park.


It has indeed been an uphill battle but one with a worthy cause!


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