A phrase most of us dread to hear – Physical Fitness Test. And I’m pretty sure that even though you may feel that you are the fittest you have been in decades, the mere mention of having to do your physical fitness is enough to set you sweating and wondering if you will be able to get through it with just one try.

So if you have been through a few of these tests and are still rather unhappy with the results, here are some things you can do to amp up your performance in your next one and get that score you want.

#1 Start a training calendar

If you are lucky, you may get some time off before the commencement of your Physical Fitness Test to prepare. Setting a calendar helps organise your plans and gets you on it in good time.


Make sure you follow it through and spread your workouts evenly so you don’t overwork certain parts of your body and injure yourself in the process. Give yourself a day or two to take a breather because even if your mind is willing, your body can only take so much.

#2 Decide Which Exercise You Need To Improve On And Work At It

I’m horrible at Sit-and-Reach. What I used to do to train for it was to get a friend to push me down while I stretched as far as I could go and I would try to stay there for as long as I could hold.

So if you aren’t performing as well as you should be at your 2.4km run, you can do more jogging above the rest of the other workouts. Time yourself when you do and get quicker as you progress so that when the time comes for your test, you will be running at a faster time with little or no effort.

#3 The Tip Is To Strengthen Your Core Muscles

Many people don’t realise this but when you build strong core muscles, you will actually find it easier to complete your physical fitness course with as little effort as possible. Think pull-ups, sit-ups and even the sprint exercise.

When you have strong core muscles, you will start to use them instead of your arms or legs or even your neck, to do the exercises. This will relief the strain on these appendages and also reduce the possibility of injury to your muscles.

#4 Eat Right

As much as you may not see a direct link to how doing this will help you improve your performance in your physical fitness test, it does. Consuming a healthy diet, in combination with your training, can help to cleanse your body and lighten it, while giving your body the necessary nutrients to bring your fitness level upwards.

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