Being a vegan has become almost like a fashion trend in recent years. But how many of us actually know what becoming or being a vegan entails? If you were brought up in a vegan household, it may be easier for you but for those who have decided to switch to veganism or are considering doing so, you need to fully understand what you are getting yourself into.

First off, there is a need to know what a vegan diet consists of. Basically, vegans stay away from meat, eggs, dairy products and all other animal-derived ingredients, with many of them abstaining from foods that are processed using animal products such as white sugar and some wines.

Being a vegan needs to be understood in its truest and fullest form, especially if you are a runner or do exercise of any kind on a very regular basis. While it is definitely possible to maintain a good vegan diet while on an exercise regime, it has to be noted that you will still need to be very careful in the kinds of pre and post workout meals you have. The whole concept is very similar to a non-vegan’s pre and post workout meal plan with the exception of a few food types.



If you are thinking that you are free to consume anything because you are going to be eating some form of vegetables anyway, think again. As with the different food groups most of us are familiar with, there are also different categories of vegetable types that should be consumed accordingly to ensure your body gets the right nutrients and supplements to perform at its peak.

Green leafy vegetables are high in fiber and vitamins while beans are a good source of protein. Potatoes and yams are carbohydrates that give us the energy to keep going. Tomatoes are high in water content to keep our bodies well hydrated. A little knowledge of what kinds of vegetables will do well for your activity level will go a long way in ensuring you are always sufficiently satiated and protected.

While it is totally possible for runners and exercise enthusiasts to still keep fighting fit on a vegan diet, newcomers have to be cautious, especially if you have been consuming meat and animal products all your life. With any sudden change in diet, you need to slowly acclimate your body and take it slow and easy. Once your body is used to the new diet and activity level, you may continue to do what you have to do to keep your body lean and mean inside and out.


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