Before you embark on any diet plan, most people will recommend for you to do a cleanse of your body internally. This is to remove the toxins and make it easier for your body to absorb the good stuff and of course, get rid of the bad ones as you progress.

How Intense Can Detox Plans Get?

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Detox plans can last from three days to two weeks, depending on how intense a plan you decide to get onboard on. There are literally hundreds of ways to go about the detoxification process but I personally always prefer those that are natural so as to cause your body as little harm and shock as possible.

Is There A Best Way To Detoxify?

As many plans as there are online, the best will always be the one that works best for you. If you are someone like me who has to be productive during office hours on weekdays, the grapefruit diet or clean food diet will work well. If your schedule isn’t as restrictive, you may consider doing meal replacements like starting with replacing one meal, preferably dinner, with a detoxifying smoothie. Once your body gets used to this, you can replace another meal with the smoothie to speed up the process. But of course, do not do it if it’s going to cause you to crash.


So What Is The Ultimate Goal Of Detoxification And What Result Should Be Expected?

Basically, the final result of the process should be you losing most of your water retention (especially for women), and getting your mind alert and body psyched for the healthier diet and lifestyle that’s about to come. You should lose some weight and actually see the results.
However, as beneficial as detox plans are, they should be kept to a maximum of two weeks, especially if they are of the more intense type. Any longer and the results may backfire. But of course you need to be consistent in your regiment and keep up with the healthy lifestyle even after the end of your first detox session to achieve the best results for your body. It is highly recommended that you do a detox session once every couple of months to maintain the “cleanliness” of your insides and keep your “engines” working at their optimal.

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