How many times have we been so lazy to have to put on our contact lenses just to go for a run around the estate? I am guilty of a couple of such times but think about it from a woman’s point of view for a minute. Having to put on our sports bra and exercise outfit is already tiring enough, what more the struggle of putting on the lenses, just so we can go on a 45 to one hour routine. And don’t get me started on those who have no choice but to wear their glasses.

I’m sure many of us have considered lasik but will it really help to make our lives easier? Pretty much. Here are some reasons why getting the procedure done will be beneficial for those who work out, especially if you do so every day.

#1 No more drooping glasses!

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I remember those days when contact lenses weren’t a thing yet and I had no choice but to wear my spectacles for Physical Education sessions and my own exercise routines. What I had to do to keep my glasses in place (sort of), was by tying a rubber band hoop around each handle and looping it over each ear. Sometimes, the rubber would start biting and it would hurt quite a bit, or the glasses would still “hop” when I did jumping jacks.


In this case, lasik will help to remove this hassle and ensure that no part of your face is being hurt in the process.

#2 No more blurred vision!

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Spectacles wearers, you will remember the times when your glasses fogged up in the middle of a run or a Zumba session due to condensation and sweat. Contact lens wearers, you will remember the times when your lenses would suddenly go dry and you will be struggling to get it moist by blinking continuously to get rid of the fuzziness and the discomfort. With lasik though, you don’t have to worry about those things happening because well, your own cornea wouldn’t suddenly decide to blur up your vision in the middle of a run would it? Even wiping away your sweat is so much easier with your glasses or contact lenses getting in the way.

#3 Less time spent getting ready!

Or cleaning up, in fact. Some of you may be saying, “But I’m already so used to putting in and taking out my contact lenses, it only takes me less than 20 seconds to do so.” So do I. But the point here is, without the need for contact lenses, can you imagine how much more motivated you will be to run out the door for your run as soon as you are dressed? This is especially useful on the weekdays when most of us are already tired by the time we get home so the drive to go and exercise can be zero to nothing. If all we had to do was slip on our workout clothes and walk out the door, that would probably encourage many more to stick to their workout schedules more diligently!

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  1. Hi Joey, great article! The points you brought up were spot on and we are sure many runners will agree with you. The convenience is not just for running, contact lenses and glasses also get in the way for cycling, racket/ball games and swimming.


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