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There is a saying that goes “Have a breakfast like a king, a lunch like a prince and a dinner like a pauper”, and it isn’t without its reasons. We need to kickstart our body at the beginning of the day to get it going and maintain our energy through the day before we let our bodies rest for the night.

But as much as many of us wish to keep to such a feeding system, it is sometimes highly impossible due to our hectic schedules. Most of us end up having large dinners that leave us feeling overly bloated and unable to go to sleep.

So what kind of food can we can have for dinner that will keep us nicely full and yet still allow us to be lulled into a good night’s sleep? Here are some dinner ideas for tonight.


1. Fish

Did you know that fish, especially salmon, halibut and tuna, contain vitamin B6 that is required by our bodies to produce the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin? Now you do. Besides that, fish also contains loads of protein and omega-3 acids that are good for our heart and body.



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