I usually try to stay dry during my runs but during my last one, I had to brave the rain to make it home because I got caught in one halfway through. Some of us, like myself, do enjoy running in the rain for a bit as it helps to cool down our bodies and for some reason (at least for me), gives us that additional push to run faster and perhaps even for longer.

But should you or should you not run in the rain? There are so many thoughts going around about whether you can or cannot do so and I will like to offer my take on this.

Yes to running in the rain!

It feels awesome to have the cool rain on your face especially after your body has heated up from all the running and our terribly hot weather. Your legs tend to feel less heavy and you seem to be able to go on for just a little longer.

Running in the rain also feels like a mini bath to wash away the grime and sweat that have accumulated on your face and body during your session. It’s like you are given a temporary reprieve from the heat and humidity which works well after your workout session.


No to running in the rain!

But while I am a personal fan of the cool rain and wind (they come together like a package of relief), running in the rain is not for the those who get ill easily. There’s a good reason why our parents were so adamant that we do not play in the rain when we were younger and it is justified.

If you are someone who falls sick easily, try and stay out of the rain as much as you, especially when you are working out. With your body all heated up and sweaty, the rain may cause too stark a contrast in temperatures too suddenly which will result in you getting a cold after that.

On top of that, with the current issue of acid rain being able to corrode even marble, I don’t know if it is something you want to have constantly pelting on your skin.

So is it a yes or no?

The bottomline is, again, moderation. If you happen to be out running and get caught in one towards the end, the little bit of rain that you endure isn’t going to kill you. But if you are just starting out on a route and you see a thunderstorm looming, you may want to change your workout to something under shelter for the day.

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