As we are approaching the Northeast Monsoon season (mid-November to early March), we will be expecting more rain on this sunny island. Other than hitting the gym, are there any ways we can run in such weathers? The answer is yes — embrace the rain! Here are some tips to keep yourself safe while running in the rain:

#1 Wear a hat with a brim

A hat with a brim can be your best friend during a rainy run. It will keep the rain off your face, so you can see, even in a downpour. We don’t want those rain drops falling into our eyes while we are running!

#2 Dress right for the weather

Wear synthetic fabric such as polypropylene or CoolMax, which minimise friction, are lightweight, and they also dry quickly. Avoid cotton clothing as they soak up water and can become very heavy to run in. If it’s very cold and rainy, you may need to wear a couple of layers. The most important layer is the one closest to your body, while your outer layer should be a wind- and water-resistant jacket or vest. Keep your layers light and avoid pieces that will trap moisture and too much heat. You are bound to get wet anyway, so don’t be wearing too many layers on, you will just be wearing more wet, heavy clothes.

Running in rainy city


#3 Be visible

Select outer layers that are very bright or light-colored and have reflective strips, since running in the rain often means poor visibility. This is important especially if you are running near or on the roads.

#4 Wear the right shoes

Take a peek at the bottom of your go-to running shoes. Make sure your shoes have grooves on their soles that are deeper than one millimetre. These channels allow water to drain and also help the shoes get a better grip on the road. If you want to keep your feet drier and warmer, you might want to pick up a new pair of shoes that feature waterproof fabric. Otherwise, you can spray water repellent on your shoes. You can also wear thinner socks, which absorb less water and prevent heavy soggy socks from weighing you down.

Image credit: 123RF
Image credit: 123RF

#5 Prevent chafing

As water from rain gets trapped between our clothing and skin, we become more prone to chafing. If you’re running long, spread Body Glide or Vaseline on parts of your body where you would normally chafe or get blisters — such as your feet, inner thighs, underarms, sports bra lines (women), and nipples (men).

#6 Protect your electronics

Get a waterproof case for your devices or store them in a ziplock bag or a water-proof carrier.

#7 Dry out your shoes.

When you get back from a wet run, take off your running shoes and stuff them with crumpled balls of newspaper. This helps the shoes keep their shape, and the paper draws moisture away from the shoes. Don’t put them in the dryer or in front of a heater — that can shrink them or warp their shape so they won’t fit you properly.

#8 Just run lah!

The hardest part of running in the rain is often just getting started. Once you begin running and warm up, you may find that you actually enjoy it! And it’s good preparation in case you ever have to run a race in the rain. Some people even find running in the rain therapeutic.

If you need some motivation when you are running the rain, watch this video or even play the audio during your run:


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