Many of us take our knees for granted but what we don’t realise is that they are an integral part of our bodies that allow us easy movement. Whether it’s simple tasks like walking or more active movements like exercising, we need our knees around to keep us flexible and healthy.

Taking a hit to our knees

When we were younger (or are young to some of you), our metabolism levels were high and so was our energy. We were involved in sports of all kinds and if anyone told us to get down and do 30 squats on the spot, it was a piece of cake.

But some of us may have start to experience the wear and tear of our “machinery” as we get older. We aren’t able to eat as much as we used to without putting on a tremendous amount of weight if we don’t exercise doubly hard. Then, our knees start feeling the pain and we wonder if it is even worth it to continue working out with our knees threatening to buckle under us at any moment. Is it just an old sports injury coming back to haunt us or is it because of our weight gain over the years?


Sports Injury VS Weight Gain

A quick trip to a doctor or a chiropractor should set things straight. If it’s an old sports injury, you probably would be advised to just take things slow and avoid getting your knees too strained during your workouts. Perhaps try out yoga classes that aren’t too hard on your knees.

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However, if it’s because of weight gain, the first thing your doctor or chiropractor will tell you will be to lose those extra kilos first. At this point some of you may be thinking, “But if my knees hurt too much from my weight for me to exercise, how am I going to lose those pounds fast enough?” Don’t fret. You may be advised to try out yoga classes or even do chair exercises to reduce the impact to your knees while you go on your weight loss regime.

So, does weight affect your knees?

Some of my friends who have been athletic during their younger days have not been able to accept the fact that it is their increased weight that is causing them to feel knee ache. The fact is, yes, your weight can cause your knees to feel the strain and hurt. Getting rid of those extra kilos will help greatly and also encourage you to have a healthier and more active lifestyle in the long run.

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