The new year is upon us and while we are hard at work partying our lives away (not literally), we need to be thinking about how we can keep ourselves healthy and good in 2017. Your new year resolutions aren’t going to happen on their own so you need to be well and sound in body and mind to achieve what you want to achieve.

Here are 3 health advice you should pay loads of attention to in 2017.

#1 Take care of your liver and kidney

Sure, the slew of festivities do give you a good reason to drink, eat and be merry. But we all need to be careful not to go overboard. Or at least, try to weasel in some exercise to chop off some of the harm we may be unwittingly inflicting on ourselves.

Try not to drink too much alcohol to save your liver and preserve it for as long as you can. Your liver is an important organ in your body that helps remove the toxins and waste from what you consume so take good care of it. Killing it this early on will only be disastrous. You really don’t want to suffer from a liver or kidney just because of a few moments of supposed indulgence.


Also, it’s best to try eat more greens, fruits and opting for healthier food options. In the same tune, your liver and kidney are continuously helping your body to remove the lousy things and by continually putting over salty or MSG laden foods in your system (although I know they taste so awesome), you are just giving your body every reason to break down – and maybe at not the best moment.

#2 Give your lungs a break

Smoking is a well-known life shortener. Nicotine and tar build up in your lungs can cause you to have breathing difficulties and terrible breath. In the long run, it can cause you your life.

Whether it is encouraging a family member, a friend or yourself to stop this nasty habit, make it a point to cut it out in the new year. If you do not already know, smoking not only causes harm to the smoker, it also affects the other living things around due to secondhand smoke.

When you stub out, you will realise how easy it is for you to breathe and sleep (smoking can cause insomnia). Start an exercise regime to take your mind off lighting up, especially when you find yourself in stressful situations.

#3 Keep your mind happy and healthy

Being healthy doesn’t only mean keeping your body fit and in shape. It also means making sure that your brain is working in tip top condition so that you are always on top of your game in whatever you do.

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Take gingko nuts or supplements, participate in intellectual activities and exercise to maintain the alertness of your mind. When your head is clear and in its best form, you will also perform at your best. Perfect for achieving those new year resolutions of yours!

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