Research has shown that the chances of staying smoke-free improve by 5 times in the first 28 days of kicking the habit. Withdrawal symptoms from quitting usually last about 2-4 weeks and the risk of relapsing decreases after the first 4 weeks of being smoke-free.

If you are somebody who has always thought of quitting smoking, there is no best time is to do it. The only time you can do it is now.

You may follow Health Promotion Board’s I Quit 28-Day Countdown programme, which is created to support individuals who want to take the first step towards a smoke-free life. By participating in the countdown, individuals can choose their own start date and receive daily SMS tips for 28 days to support them in their quit journey.

Take one step closer to a smoke-free life. And you will be one step closer to being a better runner, a better employee, a better parent, a better sibling, a better son/daughter; most importantly, a better and healthier person.


For the benefits of quitting smoking:

quit smoking


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