In our current society, many people associate a slim physique to a being healthy. In fact, many young ladies and men go on crazy diets just to make themselves slim enough to be considered good-looking and “fit”. Because of this, it has become such that when people see a slightly meaty person, they automatically assume that the person is unfit which, cannot be further from the truth.

Are physical appearances everything?

It’s quite sad that the majority of people do not understand that being thin doesn’t always equate health. The scary thing is, a number of slim people I know are not entirely clear of health issues. They may suffer from high cholesterol, high blood pressure and even clogged arteries.

Of course, I am not saying every slim person is in some kind of health peril. Most of them are probably really healthy and keeping to a good exercise and diet regime to look the way they do. But we should not immediately assume that a plump person is unhealthy either because many have proven otherwise.


Why there should be no assumptions.

I have met slim people who were born, well, slim. They don’t have to keep their diets in check to maintain their figures so that’s what they do. They eat anything and everything and still are the envy of their friends in their body hugging outfits. Yet, because they don’t have to watch themselves so closely, they succumb to health issues internally that are not seen physically.

Then there are the ones who aren’t naturally slim. Those who put on weight even through drinking water. Yet, they may just be the most fit and healthy people you know. Because of their possible low metabolism, they make more effort to make sure their diets are healthy and they keep to a good exercise regime. Even if they don’t look awesome in that figure hugging outfit, they may probably be in better shape.

So does your weight reflect your fitness?

So to this question, I will like to conclude that no, being lighter doesn’t always mean you are healthier and fitter. Sure, being slim does come with a good diet and regular exercise for most people but we cannot deny that there are some people who choose to become slim through unhealthy means like starvation or popping pills.

Regardless of your body shape, there should never be any form of shaming. I believe that everyone needs to be confident in his or her own body and maintain a good, healthy regime. Just remember that just because society depicts that you should be a certain weight to look good, it doesn’t mean you have to be that weight to be fit.

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