A couple of months ago, I was left in distraught when I saw myself in the mirror and simply asked myself “what have I become?” I have just returned home from the US then and had gained a lot of weight; you’ll be shocked to know what pizza and chicken wings would do to your body in a short amount of time!!


In a nutshell: I weighed 70kg when I went there and returned home weighing 88kg

During my whole year in the US, I managed to maintain my weight during summer, but then along came Winter! that was when things got out of hand. The winter season technically forced me to go into “hibernation mode”, I mostly ate and slept throughout the day to keep my body warm, and the worst part was that pizza and wings were my everyday “go to” meals!



Fast forward to me being unable to fit in my clothes and basically unhealthy, I decided to get up and started running.


At first, I started running 2km a day and it was really hard for me then; my lungs would give up real quick and it felt like a 10km run already! There were days when I wanted to quit and accept the fact that I would never be able to accomplish my goals but I kept pushing through and slowly found myself running from 2km a day to 8-10km a day and saw major progress with my body!


(This also included a healthy Nutrition, for more info on my weight loss visit https://www.facebook.com/RiseUpPh/ )

Running is one of those exercises that I used to hate and take for granted not knowing that it would help me get rid of my bad habits, welcome me to a healthier lifestyle and most importantly it help me shape my life back!

Now I feel more confident, more active with my workouts and just feel awesome everyday!

So if you ever feel like you will never achieve your body goals… Just Run! It’s free, fun and would definitely set you up for success.



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