Danger can come in many forms, whether it is due to the trail or to the surroundings, natural or man-made. Many runners, especially those who have been doing it for a long time, tend to desire new and more challenging running routes from time to time and sometimes, it has gotten them into trouble. A different trail is always going to be exciting but do take note of the dangers that lie within. If you feel you must do a couple of high risk runs during your lifetime, here are five of some of the more dangerous running routes in Asia.

1. Bukit Batok Nature Reserve, Singapore

Let’s start off with a place in our home country. As much as Singapore is considered one of the safest countries in the world, we cannot let our guard down because “Low crime doesn’t mean no crime”. Bukit Batok Nature Reserve is a very scenic place, with lots of flora and fauna to gaze upon. The trail is easy to run and since it is shrouded with so many trees, it makes for a very cooling and refreshing run too. However, here’s where the danger lies. Because of the thick vegetation and lack of people at certain times of the day, this park has been the scene of a series of high-profile violent crimes over the last 20 years, including eight murders and a series of rapes and stabbings. If this doesn’t deter you from giving this route a go, try to run in a group to be safe.

2. Alas Purwo National Park, Indonesia

The rainforest trails through this park will leave you feeling super exhausted because of the powerful humidity and heat of the environment. But the route is flanked with many unique flora and fauna to enjoy and the general quality of the air makes any run worth it. What’s the danger here you may ask? Tigers.

3. Mt Kintamani, Indonesia

Indonesia - The top of Rinjani Mt 3,726m Lombok island


Many runners aspire to do volcanic trails and it is not without reason. Running uphill through a relatively treacherous path can be exhilarating but also dangerous at the same time. For Mt Kintamani, you will be rewarded with an awesome view of the surroundings from the top when you get there.It is considered one of the more easier routes but still, doing a mountain trail is doing a mountain trail and you need to be careful at all times. Point to note too though, do check on the activity of the volcano before you embark on this adventure because the most recent, albeit minor, eruptions happened sometime in 2009, not too long ago.

4. Mt Fuji, Japan

The route is beautiful and scenic, filled with lovely flora and fauna and that view to die for. The air is crisp and fresh but not for long because this famous mountain in Japan reaches a staggering altitude of 3,776 metres. And we all know what happens at that height. With a 3,000 metre elevation-gain, 21 degrees temperature difference from the ground and a 70 per cent drop in oxygen levels, you know this won’t just be another walk in the park. Regardless, the Fuji Mountain Race is held every year without fail and have attracted and stumped many a runner. Make sure your lungs are thoroughly ready to take on this punishment before you even plan on going anywhere near this trail.

5. Mt Everest, Nepal

Nepal Everest Anniversary

And how about a run up the iconic Mt Everest? If you are game enough to try,you can sign up for the Everest Marathon which takes place once every year in May and attracts super adventurous runners looking for new thrills. The run starts at Everest Base Camp (located 7,598 feet above sea level), and traverses through the sublime landscape of the Himalayas. Although most of the run is downhill, there are two steep uphill sections to watch out for. Runners are also advised to be there two to three weeks prior to the marathon to acclimatise properly. Oh yes, and there is also going to be snow and ice on the ground. Go figure.


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