At a cross-country event in Burlada, Navarre, on Dec 2, 2012, Spanish Ivan Fernandez Anaya impressed the world when he gave up his chances of winning a cross-country race by displaying his incredible sportmanship spirit. Leading the race was Kenyan athlete Abel Mutai, but Abel stopped 10 metres before the finishing line, thinking that he had already completed the race. Upon seeing this, Ivan could have easily ran past Abel and win the race, but he slowed down and gestured to him the finishing line. Ivan continued to push Abel to the finish line and only walking past him with a handshake after the finishing line.

In Singapore, we also experienced a similar act last year during the SEA Games Marathon, where Ashley Liew stopped and waited for the other athletes who had run in the wrong direction to catch up during the SEA Games marathon last year. Ashley ended up finishing 8th in the race, but was applauded for his performance and sportsmanship.

Would you have done the same in their place? Watch Ivan Fernandez Avaya show his rival Abel Mutai what it means to fair play:



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