LIVE COVERAGE ENDED / ARCHIVE We are excited to bring you the first live coverage of a running event in Singapore! Whether you are running or cheering for a family or friend, you can keep track of all happenings across all SCMS2015 categories via this page, or by using JustRaceLah! – Singapore’s Running App, available for Free for iOS / Android smartphones.

[Sun 6/12: 2:25pm] See you next year!

As the last runners have now crossed the finisher line, it is time to wrap up! We hope you had a great run and enjoyed your experience. Don’t forget to use JustRaceLah! – Singapore’s Running App to log your SCMS2015 results, notes and photos. Get it for free for iOS / Android at

[Sun 6/12: 9:58am] Winners of FM Women’s Singapore


[Sun 6/12: 9:45am] Video of 10KM Wheelchair & 10KM Flag-Off

Esplanade Drive, 7:15am. Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2015 – 10KM Wheelchair & 10KM Flag Off.

[Sun 6/12: 9:38am] Winners of FM Master Singapore Men

Winners of Master Singapore Men category. Lexxus Tan of JRL Academy / F1 Runners on the top of the podium!

[Sun 6/12: 9:30am] Winners of FM Men’s Singapore Category


[Sun 6/12: 9:15am] Unofficial results for the FM Female category

3 Singaporeans in the list! Source:

[Sun 6/12: 9:10am] Unofficial results for the FM Male category

Full Kenyan sweep! Source:
Full Kenyan sweep! Source:

[Sun 6/12: 8:30am] – Finisher’s Medal

This is it; Wear proudly! Congrats to all participants today.



[Sun 6/12: 8:00am] – Mok Ying Ren tops local Men FM category

Mok Ying Ren sweeps the local male category for 42.195KM


[Sun 6/12: 7:55am] – FM Women Winner

Doris Changeywo is the top female finisher of SCMS2015 with a time of 2:44:26

[Sun 6/12: 7:35am] – Ekiden Winner Team

Top Ekiden finisher from Team Psa with a time of 2:31:39

[Sun 6/12: 7:30am] – FM Men Winner

Julius Kiplimo Maisei, finishes first at Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore with a timing of 2:17:25 (42.195km race).

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[Sun 6/12: 7:10am] – Getting ready for 10km Flag-Off


[Sun 6/12: 7:00am] – Wheelchair 10km

Getting ready for 10km Wheelchair (Esplanade Drive Start Point) – Power on!

[Sun 6/12: 6:30am] – Half-Marathon Flag-Off Video

[Sun 6/12: 6:00am] – At Sentosa, getting ready for Half-Marathon

[Sun 6/12: 5:20am] – FM Video

Watch as the 42.195km runners are off!

[Sun 6/12: 5:00am] – Flag-Off Full Marathon!

[Sun 6/12: 4:55am] – Good luck runners!

Good luck Mr Chan running his 101st marathon at the age of 85!

[Sun 6/12: 4:50am] – FM Start Pen

Moments before the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore – Full Marathon Flag-Off! Can you feel the energy?


[Sun 6/12: 4:00am] – On the way

A train full of neon colours, with marathoners streaming in every station. Good morning Singapore! Are you ready to run? Big ups to SMRT for providing Extended Service today.


[Sun 6/12: 2:50am] – Reminder: Padang map

Familiarise yourself with Padang map, the finisher’s area! (source:


[Sun 6/12: 2:30am] – Reminder: Flag-Off & Pen Opening information



[Sun 6/12: 2:00am] – Reminder: Route maps

One last look to familiarise yourself with the route you will be running! (source:

[Sun 6/12: 1:30am] – The event in numbers

As the excitement won’t let us sleep, let’s all look at the impressive numbers of SCMS (source:



[Sun 6/12: Event timeline]

Time Events
05:00am Start of Marathon & Ekiden (Orchard Start Point)
06:30am Start of Half Marathon (Sentosa Start Point)
07:10am Start of 10km Wheelchair (Esplanade Drive Start Point)
07:15am Start of 10km (Esplanade Drive Start Point)
07:15am Estimated Finishing Time of Top Marathon Runner (Men)
07:30am Estimated Finishing Time of Ekiden & 10km Wheelchair
07:35am Estimated Finishing Time of Top Marathon Runner (Women)
07:45am Estimated Finishing Time of Top Half Marathon Runner (Men)
07:55am Estimated Finishing Time of Top 10km Runners (Men & Women)
08:00am Estimated Finishing Time of Top Half Marathon Runner (Women)
08:30am – 08:40am Prize Presentation: Marathon Open Men and Women
08:40am-08:45am Prize Presentation: Ekiden
08:45am – 08:55am Prize Presentation: Half Marathon Men and Women
08:55am – 09:05am Prize Presentation: Marathon Singapore Men and Women
09:05am – 09:15am Prize Presentation: Marathon Master Men and Women
09:15am – 09:25am Prize Presentation: 10KM Men and Women
09:40am Prize Presentation: Wheelies Open
01:00pm Estimated Finishing Time of Last Marathon Runner



[Sat 5/Dec, 07:30am – Kid’s Dash]

This year, SCMS Kid’s Dash took place at Sport’s Hub, a day before the other categories. The event welcomed kids from 0-10 years old in different categories.


– Event background:

  • Singapore’s Marquee running event, the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore (SCMS) 2015, will take place this Saturday 5, & Sunday, 6 December 2015.
  • Over 48,000 runners will begin their race from four different start points – Orchard Road (Full Marathon & Ekiden), Sentosa Gateway (Half Marathon) and Esplanade Bridge (10km) & Sports Hub (Kids Dash) – before crossing the finish line at the Padang.


Essential resources:


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