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Ever heard of “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”? We put our money on that you have.

It’s the same for running. You don’t get a BQ by saying that ‘you don’t have time,’ ‘running is too boring,’ or ‘it might injure my knee.’ Success is molded from good attitude. Instead of putting things off for tomorrow, start making these 7 habits to become a better runner. A new run series has hit the market – you can always gear yourself towards that!

Habit 1: Become a morning runner

Honestly, the best time to run is probably in the morning. Most races are scheduled then and it’d do you good to train your body for that kind of condition. In addition, getting your run done in the morning leaves less excuses available for you. Morning runners also get hooked onto the idea of having gotten so much done before others have woken up.

Habit 2: Eat more vegetables

Your parents must have already told you that. Consuming fresh produce gives you ‘phytonutrients’ – the good stuff you get from plants and plant-based food including whole grains. They are high-quality carbs that fuel you during your workout and provide antioxidants to help you recover.


Habit 3: Warm up and cool down

Devote 10 to 15-minutes before and after the run to taking care of your muscles. Dynamic stretches before prep your muscles for more intense workouts later. Stretching after the run then allows them to return to pre-run length. Scrimp on them and you end up with knots in your muscles.

Habit 4: Unplug at least one run per week

We listen to music, or while away time gazing at the scenery. Once in awhile, practice focusing on your body. Listen to what your feet is trying to tell you, or how your heart is responding to the workout. Competitive runners associate. It gives them better form, maintain consistent pacing, and overall, perform better.

Habit 5: Get enough sleep

When you get some shut-eye, your body releases growth hormones to rebuild muscles and strengthen connections between muscles and nerves. It means your muscles can respond faster and you become much stronger. Having a good night’s sleep also prepares you better for morning runs.

Habit 6: Strength-train occasionally

It increases bone mineral density and reduces risk of stress fracture. Strengthening the other muscle groups also mean that your joints remain stable. You get injured less and can maintain your trainings more consistently.

Habit 7: Eat breakfast everyday

Part of becoming a better runner is becoming a stronger, healthier person. You can’t get away with poor diet. By the time you wake up, you’d have starved for 7-8 hours. Breakfast would help replenish the glycogen in your muscles. Apart from needing a lot of carbohydrates to power your workout, having a hearty breakfast also kickstarts your metabolism.

Even if you don’t run a new PR now, or in your next 10 marathons, attitude is going to be the reason you eventually do. So get yourself in the right frame of mind today!


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