Leading up to the Compressport Rail Corridor Run 2016 which is happening in coming January, we had a quick chat with one of their ambassadors Rachel as she shares with us her motivational spirit for running.

JustRunLah!: How will you introduce yourself to Singapore running community?

Rachel: Hello, I am Rachel aka “Rachdaretdream”.

JustRunLah!: When did you first pick up running (what age) and what inspired you to do so?


Rachel: I picked up running back in 2013, running has taught me that I am capable of so much more than I ever imagined.

JustRunLah!: Would you say that one needs to have a certain mindset to take up running as a sport/exercise activity?

Rachel: Depending if you are a competitive or leisure runner. Having a strong and positive mindset will set you in a right direction towards achieving your goals!


JustRunLah!: What would you consider to be your biggest running achievement so far?

Rachel: Inspiring and motivating others to pick up running and keeping fit!

JustRunLah!: How has Compressport products assist in your training/achievements?

Rachel: The Compressport products especially my favourite the R2 calf’s sleeves has many benefits, It is highly compressive and eliminates calf vibrations while running it also aids in my recovering after a hard- workout. The products comes in many beautiful colours that could easily match your workout outfit.

JustRunLah!: What are your future goals?

Rachel: To keep on spreading the joy of running and chasing personal best timings!

JustRunLah!: One reason why runners should join Compressports Rail Corridor Run 2016?

Rachel: It is one of the most unique race course in Singapore! You can get to run on different surfaces such as tarmac, grass, rocks and the woodland trails. You also get to see the historical Tanjong Pagar railway station. Rumours has it that it might be the last chance to run along this route – One race not be missed!


JustRunLah!: What advice would you give to all participants at Compressport Rail Corridor Run 2016?

Rachel: Stay Hydrated, always look out for un-even terrain ahead of you and most importantly enjoy the beautiful scenery when running.

JustRunLah!: What is your mantra for when the going gets tough in a race?

Rachel: If you can dream it, you can do it!

JustRunLah!: Finish this sentence: Running is…

Rachel: not just exercising; it is not just an achievement. It’s a daily discipline that has nothing to do with speed, weight, social status… It’s about the slow and painful process of being the best you can be!


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