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Running can be for health, fitness, beauty, passion and more but do you actually enjoy the process? Some perceive it as a therapeutic process while some find it boring and are unmotivated. Yes, running is a solo sport most of the time and can prove challenging to complete it with joy for some, but it does not have to be so. Here are 5 ways for you to start your happy running journey!

1. One Step At A Time

Set a goal for yourself and give yourself a window period to hit the target. Not everybody starts off as a fast runner, but with training and determination you can become the runner you wish to become. Always be proud of your personal bests and keep a record for each running session to track your progress over time. Every little step counts and before you know it, you are already on your way becoming a better and more confident runner.

Image credit: 123RF
Image credit: 123RF

2. Make Time For A Run

Wake up an hour earlier to run before you head to work or school. Morning runs are the best because of the pleasant cooling temperatures before the sun rises highest in mid-day. Running in the morning can even energise and give you the necessary boost to tackle the challenges you are going to face throughout the day. According to Lisa Reichmann, a Maryland-based running coach, “People who start to run early in the morning get hooked on that feeling of having accomplished so much before others are even awake, as well as the extra energy they get from that morning rush of endorphins.” Start by running in the morning a few times a week for 3-4 weeks and cultivating this into a habit. Need tips to get started as a morning riser? Get some helpful tips here.

3. Create a Running Music Playlist

Image credit: 123RF
Image credit: 123RF

Not only can a running playlist help kill your boredom and keep you motivated during running, it can help to improve your striding. Coaching evidence suggests that with training, you can improve your running performance by developing the ability to maintain a faster stride rate. A faster stride rate allows you to take lighter and faster steps, minimising the impact on landing and thus reducing injury risks. You may start by creating your own playlist to match your steps with the tempo and increase the cadence over multiple training sessions.


4. Join a Running Club

Being part of a running group is a great way to meet and build camaraderie with like-minded enthusiasts and even experienced runners. You get to share running tips, race day experiences, and even encourage and motivate each other to do better. They are also the perfect people for you to share your running accomplishments with, because they are the ones who have experienced and understand the same hard work you have been through.

5. Have Fun!

There is much more to running than just running. Go participate in races or try trail running; challenge yourself and see what you can accomplish. You may also incorporate cross-training into your training routine to improve your cardio, strengthen your muscles, or help speed your recovery. These can add an exciting twist to your routine while benefiting your running. You may also get creative and create your very own GPS Running Art.

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Most importantly, give yourself a reason for running. It can be to lose weight, to stay healthy, or simply because you love the adrenaline you get from running a race. Start one step at a time and keep your running journey a meaningful and fun one to stay as a happy runner! JustRunLah!


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