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Friends from my #fitfam praise Shape Run as one of the better ladies-only runs in Singapore, and I agree, but I couldn’t nail down the exact reason until I completed my second Shape Run on 26 July 2015.

Registering for the Shape Run was like making a new friend…

A friend who gives you weekly tips on how to prepare for the race:

Weekly for 10 weeks leading to the Shape Run, a Shape Exclusive email would appear in my inbox with tips by experienced runner Andrew Cheong to psych me up for my first 15km run. This weekly countdown also nudged me to train consistently!

A friend who ensures your race pack collection is as efficient as possible.


Race pack collection lasted from Friday to Sunday. I went after work on Friday, mentally prepared to queue way past dinner time and endure grumbles from my fellow queue members, but neither happened. There were 8 counters, and volunteers made it clear that all queries (including changing of singlet sizes) be directed to the information counter, so the line progressed swiftly and picking up my race pack was a breeze.

Source: Shape Singapore Facebook Page

A friend who embraces your inner auntie.

Pay 40-odd dollars for two sports tops, a durable drawstring bag, product samples and discount vouchers? Yes please! However, the two tops didn’t fit most ladies very well as far as I observed on race day. Perhaps organisers may wish to consider a more “Asian” cutting. I didn’t exactly like the iPhone 6 armband too, because my phone is too small for the armband to be practical. Something that most people could use, like headbands, microfibre towels or storage belts, would have been better appreciated.

A friend who regularly posts on social media to fire up your excitement for your run.

Check out the Shape Facebook and Instagram accounts and you’ll know what I mean!

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A friend who encourages you every kilometer you complete.

Each kilometer marker along the race not only tells you the distance you’ve achieved, but also adds in encouraging words. My personal favourite was “Smiles await 1 kilometer ahead!” at the 14km mark. Volunteers on duty along the route were also liberal with cheers, which definitely helped raise spirits.

A friend who understands the wonders of retail therapy.

Both the race carnival during race back collection and the actual event day carnival had attractive offers abound. Discounts on masks, supplements, compression wear, gym memberships, shoes, and even professional photo-taking services.

Source: @sooddlydreamlike on Instagram
Source: @sooddlydreamlike on Instagram

A friend who loves you, and the people you love.

Witnessing mummies and kids on the 1.8km run was really heartening! All in all, I felt like a valued participant at Shape Run. It was more than just a running event, it was a celebration of ladies going beyond their comfort zone and achieving their goals. The finishing point was crowded with supporters, generous with love for us who come back all flushed, sweaty and with messy hair.

Featured Image Source: Shape Singapore Facebook Page


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