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Looking for an alternative cardio sport besides running that allows you to kick, jab, clinch and master self-defence techniques in a non-contact environment? Body Combat is an action-packed workout activity that encompasses all of the above, which guarantees to make you sweat it out and get your heart racing. Inspired by martial arts and a huge variety of disciplines including Muay Thai, Tai Chi, Boxing, Taekwondo and Karate, here are 5 benefits that Body Combat can offer:

Image credits: CFYC
Image credits: CFYC

1. Sports Conditioning

When selecting a cross-training activity, athletes should consider the aerobic intensity as well as the risks of injuries from the sport. Body combat offers comparable stamina training as to running with its explosive workouts and the non-contact nature reduces the chances of sustaining unwanted injuries. The workouts are usually conducted in timed intervals and of different speeds, hence allowing for participants to maximize their heart and lung capacities.

2. Weight Loss – Excellent Calories Burner

According to body combat clubs, a 50 minutes Body Combat class allows you to burn an average of 740 calories! While the amount of calories burned is based on one’s fitness level, height and weight, this amount is higher than most cardio activities and definitely qualifies as an elite fat-blaster activity. This is great news for anyone who wishes to shred off those extra pounds and sweat it out during each short and intense session.

3. Agility and Reflex

The elements of martial arts in body combat focuses on the physical form, execution, and mental strength. With fast-paced and varied movements choreographed in a series of routines, participants have to change their body postures and positions within a short period of time. This trains the reflex time of our body to adapt, recover and be ready. While running is already an active sport, body combat brings the cardio intensity to a whole new level, putting one’s agility, physical and mental reflex to the test.


Image credits: QE Leisure Centre
Image credits: QE Leisure Centre

4. Muscle Toning

First you jab, then you kick, next you defend and so on – when combined and repeated in regulated pace and intensity, body combat forces you to utilize various parts of your muscle groups when executing the different movements. In comparison to running, the martial arts component trains both your upper and lower body, which essentially translates into a full body-workout. As such, body combat could possibly be your secret and solution to achieving defined muscles and toned body shape!

5. Stress-relief and build self-confidence

Sometimes, we just need a channel to relieve stress, rant or simply overcome the insecurities we have inside. While violence and aggression should not be solutions to resolve our problems, heading for an intense, power-packed body combat class can actually be a therapeutic experience. This is because you get to channel your inner negative emotions via a fiercely energetic yet safe physical activity. With improved physique and reduced negative feelings after a body combat class, you will feel better about yourself and therefore boost your self-confidence and self-esteem.

Image credit: Crazy Happy Healthy
Image credit: Crazy Happy Healthy

So what are you waiting for? Body Combat is an increasingly popular cardio activity that is suitable for anyone and everyone to join. Sports or athletic background is not needed to join a body combat class ; only commitment, endurance and an open-mind to accept challenges!

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  1. Perhaps it’s good to list out the facilities where BodyCombat are available for readers. It’s a licensed program and only licensed facilities are allowed to offer classes. Mostly globo-gym chains like Fitness first or Cali Fitness offers it.


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