#1. We all lead busy lives, but it’s possible to fit running in.

“I try my best to do away with any time-wasting activities during training to shorten the training hours… [and] I try to read up before and after lectures and tutorials to understand the materials faster.” – Soh Hua Qun

“I make sure I make time for the kids first and send them to the bus every morning.  Once they go on the bus, I start my morning run.” – Jenny Huang

#2. Consistency is KEY.

“Train well. Train every day.” – Jenny Huang

“You don’t become a better runner overnight, next week, or next month. It takes years to build up a solid base and every year you spend in the sport is another year of running under your belt. And that’s the way it’s going to continue.” – Soh Rui Yong


#3. The best runners aren’t afraid to push their limits.

“I’d done a couple of marathons, and actually got a bit bored of them because I found them a bit monotonous. I felt myself stagnating a bit, and I needed a new challenge. I needed to seek a new pursuit, a new form of adventure, and I felt that just doing a road marathon again simply wouldn’t do enough for me, and I needed to do something a bit more. So since then, it’s just been ultra-running.” – Paviter Singh

#4. Running well requires mental strength.

“Trust in your preparation, clear your mind, and just run.” – Ashley Liew

“Having to prepare to deal with the lows in an ultra is really important, because the lows will come.” – Paviter Singh

#5. The lessons learnt in running carry on to other aspects of life.

“I didn’t really understand it then, but now I realise if your life is in order, you’re going to be a better runner. The discipline you apply in running can be applied to many other aspects in life, so the more disciplined I became in class, the better I became on the track, and that confidence translated into other aspects of life and it became a cycle.” – Soh Rui Yong

“The aim is not to think about the distance. Think instead about the journey, and what you learn from it. It’s not about speed at all. It’s about understanding yourself, it’s about pushing through boundaries.” – Paviter Singh

“[Running] allows us the opportunity to transcend pre-conceived limits.” – Ashley Liew

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