“Wow! Triathlete leh! He/She can swim bike and run all at once! Must be very strong.” Mention the triathlon, and chances are, this is the general public opinion. Tough? Certainly. Impossible? Definitely not.

Why Try a Triathlon?

If you are someone who gets bored at doing the same sport repeatedly and endlessly, triathlon is the sport for you. A triathlon consists of 3 different components – swim, bike and run, so you will never repeat the same sets of workout again and again. That definitely helps to eliminate the mundane training cycle most get themselves into.

Furthermore, the multidisciplinary nature of a triathlon helps to build a stronger, more balanced body. Swimming primarily develops one’s upper body strength, while cycling and running primarily focus on the lower body, especially one’s quads and calves. Which bring forth a perfect mix of anaerobic and aerobic workout. Conceptually difficult, perceptually useful and powerful.

Potential triathletes always think that you need an expensive tri-bike or a reasonable road bike to participate in a triathlon. This was probably true 10 years back, but today, some event organisers provide the option of race-day bike rental complete with technical support at affordable rates, so cost is no longer a limiting factor.



A Multidisciplinary Sport for Everyone

Curious and willing to give the triathlon a try? The Singapore International Triathlon happening at East Coast Park might be the event for you!

If you are new to triathlons, or not so confident in any component of the swim/bike/run combination, try the Mini category. If on the other hand you are more experienced, and have always wondered what is it like to complete an Olympic triathlon, try the Standard category. For speed demons who like things fast, try the Sprint category.


And don’t forget that there is a Relay category too! Introduced with immense success at the 2009 Triathlon World Championships, and the Singapore Youth Olympic Games. This high-intensity, super-competitive relay format promises to be great fun for participants, and an exciting spectacle for the audience.

With the Kids category designed our young ones, the Singapore International Triathlon provide the platform for unveiling your youngsters’ talent and potential, and Singapore’s future sports stars.

As long as you are able to swim, cycle and run, you have the potential to be a triathlete. So why not try something different this year and take up a new challenge? Never say never, for nothing is impossible. Have you signed up for the one and only international triathlon in Singapore?



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