1. I Run because it brings me to life.
2. I Run to prove anything is possible
3. I Run to dream big and to feel free.
4. I Run to inspire my kids.
5. I Run to make a difference.
6. I Run for the solitude.
7. I Run to look good in shorts.
8. I Run for those who can’t.
9. I Run for chocolate, cheesecake, and ice cream.

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10. I Run to be with my friends.
11. I Run for the endorphins.
12. I Run because it’s hard.
13. I Run to stay young.
14. I Run to motivate others to join.
15. I Run to feel powerful.
16. I Run no matter what the weather is.
17. I Run for the feeling that stays with me for hours after I stop.
18. I Run to feel like a superhero.
19. I Run because I can’t stop.
20. I Run for the journey.

21. I Run to feel the wind.
22. I Run to find out what I’m made of.
23. I Run to remember my strengths.
24. I Run to forget my limitations.
25. I Run to leave stress behind.
26. I Run because the world is too spectacular to watch through the window.
27. I Run because it’s cheaper than therapy.
28. I Run for my body and my soul.
29. I Run for my heart.

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30. I Run to grow old.
31. I Run to deserve the future.
32. I Run because it’s my way of life.
33. I Run because it gives me so much in return.
34. I Run to enjoy life, stay healthy and live longer.
35. I Run because running is freakin’ awesome.
36. I Run for a million reasons.
37. I Run for no reason at all.

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