Being drenched in sweat and feeling sticky all over isn’t exactly the most glamourous state a girl would like to be in. However, the sense of satisfaction and achievement from having burned calories, strengthened agility and stamina would have reduced those unnecessary concerns to nothing.

Getting Your Boyfriend To Chase You, Literally

The biological differences between women and men is common knowledge to all and so is the fact that most of us end up running separately due to speed and stamina differences. Here comes the solution: Girls, simply start the race going first and have your boyfriend catch up with you! Make it a challenge by increasing the time or distance lag between both of you and see how both of your running abilities have progressed!

Strong Is The New Sexy

Besides running, you can always pop by the gym when your boyfriend goes for his regular workouts and try out simple weight exercises that targets conditioning and strengthening of your muscles.  Girls have always kept weights out of their workout routines because of the common misconception that lifting heavy items will make one bulky. It has been proven time and again from various research and studies that it highly unlikely for women, with much lower testosterone levels than males, to experience enormous muscle gains and the so-called bulk simply by doing basic weight exercises on a weekly basis. Weight-lifting exercises such as deadlifts, squats and lunges brings about a variety of benefits for female runners. These include a tighter core, stronger hamstring muscles, full body muscle conditioning that will provide you with that extra boost as your run with your male counterparts. And of course, your will find yourself becoming more confident and empowered with the appealing curves you own as a result.

Woman lifting weights


The Most Dreaded Time of the Month

Mood swings, drastic appetite changes, sleeping problems, annoying headaches and backaches – these pre-menstrual symptoms never fail to dampen our days every time before our period comes. While there is no specific cure that prevents PMS from occurring in females, there are many ways we can cope with these monthly problems and one of which is by exercising regularly! Medical studies have shown that women who do sports regularly claimed to experience lesser problems with PMS. As such, heading for short and long distance runs weekly are ways to alleviate the physical hassle that comes along each month. As a result of improved health via muscle and cell renewal and repair, experts have concluded that running also improves your complexion due to the detoxing effect it brings about.

So girls, it’s time to put away your shopping bags, remove your makeup, change out your dresses, put down your work, grab your running gear and your running partner for a run of health, happiness and beauty!


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