Welcome back everyone Captain Canada is fresh from a 28 KM taper run legs aching soul a breaking. With the countdown to the SCM 42 underway I thought it would be appropriate to discuss one of Captain Canada’s darkest secrets.

Now I hope you will all contribute some opinions to this post at the end, but before that I want to share something that only my beautiful fiance knows. I am a running shopaholic….. Yes there it is I said it…… I love shopping especially for running gear… I really believe I love it more than my fiance loves buying handbags haha..

Now you may not think it with my rough beer drinking lumberjack exterior (The Al Bundy of Canada see pic below), but when I get into the Queensway sports mall I turn into a little kiddy in a Candy shop. An example is today post run my colleague and I decided to go buy running gels in preparation for the SCM and Kaboom my inner child came out to play and walked out with a new pair of Newton Distance 3’s…. shhhh don’t tell my fiance I may not make it to the SCM after all haha.



Anyways to make a long story short and to get to the point I would like to believe I am not alone in this addiction. I really believe that runners know what I am talking about here. The thrill of trying a new running belt, or the first few runs in a new pair of shoes are my definition of a true runners high.

I have been in Singapore for 11 months now and have somehow managed to amass a collection of 3 running watches, 2 running belts countless shorts/shirts and 6 pairs of shoes to go along with the many that have been left in Canada, or found the garbage can due to the sewage like odor that was being omitted from them haha.

I posted a pic of the current collection of shoes and miscellaneous items just for a little visual evidence of my addiction. Well that is it for now I am very much looking forward to hearing about others addictions, strange purchases, or like in my case the lovely but non supportive wife/fiance/gf opinions you all encounter.


Till my next post- Live Love Run and most importantly Beer!

Captain Canada


  1. Haha. Great post. I agree, even though Running isn’t quite as much of a shoppers sport as Triathlon (that has to be the biggest all time shopping sport surely), it is easy to pick up a few bits here and there and end up with a wardrobe full of stuff.
    I think the only thing that keeps the cost down for me is that I am not keen on running with a load of STUFF, so I dont go for phone armbands and hats and visors and bumbags and things – I do have an expensive GPS watch (but I only have one ! ) and I do have (currently) 2 pairs of racing flats, 2 pairs of regular road training shoes, one pair of trail shoes and 2 pairs of ‘running shoes that I like the look of but don’t like running in’ which I use for every day use, plus about 30 race t shirts and vests clogging up the wardrobe!

    • Haven’t caught the tri bug yet and i am certain my head will be had if i do. Back home i tried to minimize belts etc but i can’t survive training runs here yet without water. How long did that take for you to get used to?

      I can see however that you have a little bit of the dark secret in you after all :p

      The watch thing was just an upgrade from one to the next lol i try not to run with all of them at once :p

    • haha… i have too many race shirts too! but i have only 5 pairs of shoes ( for running, trail, trekking). will catch up with you guys s o o n. ;p


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