capt.-canuckWelcome everyone to Captain Canada’s first blog post on JustRunLah! I thought before I start taking you on the journey of a mischievous Canadian running his way around the word, I thought I would introduce myself first.

Being from Canada the one thing I have learnt since moving to Singapore 10 months ago is that going from one extreme to the next can really do strange things to your body. I decided to take up running just over 2 years ago now after a life long career of playing Volleyball, Rugby, and of course the pride and joy of Canada…. Hockey eh!

After many years of abuse to my poor body the logical move was to help myself live a bit longer and buy a pair of $50 dollar new balance shoes (Oh how much I’ve learnt about why you should not wear a $50 pair of shoes to run). I will spare the details of running on ice and in minus 40 degrees Celsius for later posts, but let’s just say that it takes a brave soul to keep things going during the winters which is maybe why I left… shhh don’t tell anyone I may lose my passport 😉

Now this has nothing to do with running but I thought a story of my first week in Singapore will be a great prelude to my first year of hitting the pavement and now completing 7 races in Singapore with 2 to go.


I arrived in Singapore February 1 2014 in the midst of a very dry month. Being in the finance industry and from Toronto the idea of a suit and tie is not too unfamiliar to me. That is until my first day heading into the office one of which will stay with me just like my first races here in the most humid place on earth.

As I walked to Orchard station I got a quick dose of the reality of humidity, and why I saw no other fools like myself walking outside in a suit and tie. As I arrived at the office after leaving a trail of maple syrup sweat behind me on the MRT I had been solicited by not only the front desk security at Suntec, but also my new co workers to call an ambulance to head to the hospital. (Now I understand the strange looks I was getting as hair gel melted down my face. Let’s just say this is the last day of a suit and tie and my first glimpse at what laid ahead for me as I tied up my laces and hit the rickety road.

To avoid letting myself ramble on (Which I can do forever) I want to leave this as a brief expectation of the types of shenanigans you can expect from Captain Canada.

On a final notes I live life to the fullest and by a simple accord. “Run, Eat, Beer and if there is time Sleep” Looking forward to sharing my adventures with you all.


  1. Welcome to Justrunlah eh! I’ve been here just over two years and I reckon it took me a full 12 months to be able to run anything like as well as I can in cold climates. Now I can run a 5k about the same speed as in the UK, 10k a little slower, half marathon a bit slower still etc….
    But I’ve adapted and learnt to love running in this climate – see you around!

  2. Welcome mate!

    That was a fun read 😀

    After getting past the first shock, I don’t think living / running in a climate such as of Singapore is that bad… I am in London at the moment and still can’t get used to the cold (even though I know that doesn’t classify as cold for you hehe). So yeah, I miss running in singlets 🙁

    I’m really looking forward reading your stories and comparisons between the two extremes you’ve experienced

    see ya

  3. welcome to hot sunny humid – rainy wet Singapore !
    and it’s running community !

    Captain Canada … are you the real deal (suited) or incognito ?

      • haha … i meant will you running races dressed as Captain Canada (in costume) ?
        cos there is a local Captain America … and he is fast ! i mean really fast … just shy of being a sub-3 marathoner !

        waiting for the day The North American heroes come together :p


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