At a glance:

Date: 7 Nov 2015
Activities: Cycling, Yoga, Body Combat / Martial Arts, Other (Pilates,)
Venue: Capitol Piazza, Singapore
Event day schedule:
8.00 am (Yoga Stretch by Yoga Inc (Session 1))
9.00 am (Sharing Session with Sarah Pang)
9.30 am (Yoga Stretch by Yoga Inc (Session 2))
10.30 am (Sharing Session with BCF)
11.00 am (High Pilates by Breathe Pilates)
12.30 pm (Basic Drills and Bodyweight Workout by Impact MMA)
2.00 pm (Functional Training by Innervate CrossFit)
3.30 pm (PhysioFit by Radiance PhysioFit)
5.00 pm (BootCamp by 7 Cycle (Session 1))
5.30 pm (BootCamp by 7 Cycle (Session 2))
6.45 pm (Signature 7 Cycle by 7 Cycle (Session 1))
8.00 pm (Signature 7 Cycle by 7 Cycle (Session 2))

  What to expect:

You are invited to join us for our WOMEN OF WILL Workout: Choose from a variety of choices including Yoga, Spinning, MMA, Functional Training and more!

Join us for our workout sessions conducted by our partner gyms!

* All proceeds from the sale of tickets for this event will be donated to the Singapore Breast Cancer Foundation.
**10% of all sales proceeds from the Under Armour Power In Pink collection will be donated to the Singapore Breast Cancer Foundation.


Workout Information

Yoga Stretch by Yoga Inc

Stretch and warm up your muscles in the morning to stimulate blood circulation and awaken the body and mind.

This hour long session aims to open up major joints in the body like the hips and shoulders, as well as to improve overall muscular flexibility. Observe the immediate difference in your range of movements after the session!

High Intensity Pilates by Breathe Pilates

The Pilates HIIT blend will bring you the heart pounding, fat burning cardio you’ll love mixed in with Pilates and Pilates inspired exercises. Not for the faint hearted,You will tone, sculpt and burn a ton of calories in this explosive session.

Basic Drills and Bodyweight Workout by Impact MMA

Basic MMA drills and bodyweight workouts. Movements will also be introduced to address the common problems in athletes and the common people. All these incorporated will help you in your reflex, better coordination, gain strength, better mobility and better movement.

Functional Training by Innervate CrossFit

Innervate Functional Fitness is a unique training programme that incorporates many elements. It is the first fitness regimen to define fitness in a meaningful and measurable way.

  1. Warm Up Drills & Skills
  2. Learning the Air Squat
  3. Learning the mountain climber
  4. CrossFit Workout
  5. Partner Workout
  6. Alternating Air Squat/Mountain Climber

PhysioFit by Radiance PhysioFit

Stability through motion and balanced movement is crucial not only to avoiding injury in sport, but also in performing at your best. Underused muscles in your hips and shoulders will lead to injuries, but also to less strength and power when you jump, push or move explosively. Let Declan and his team from Radiance put you through your paces in a workout designed to make you PhysioFit – to test and improve the important stability and power-generating muscles of the body. It will be tough, but it will be worth it.

BootCamp by 7 Cycle

A powerful on- off-bike strength and conditioning class designed to complement Signature and Road – packed within a 35 minute punch! 7Bootcamp boasts smaller class sizes, heart rate monitoring and no-nonsense attitudes to bring about the best results your body can deliver.

Anchored in HIIT, be prepared for a series of body weight, plyometric and functional training exercises that push you out of your comfort zone into a mental and physical awakening.

Signature 7 Cycle by 7 Cycle

7Cycle Signature Ride is designed for the recreational indoor cycling enthusiast. An all terrain ride incorporating a variety of intensities and ride positions suitable for all fitness levels that will develop your endurance and fitness on the bike.

The Signature Ride also features a short high-rep, light weight workout for your arms and shoulders. So come lose yourself in the music, motivation, movement and get crazy fit while you’re at it!

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