Date: 16 April 2016
Venue: Gallop Stable @ Punggol Ranch
Time: 8:00 am
Location: Singapore
Categories: 10 km, 5 km
Event management: X-Change Events / X-Change Republic Pte Ltd
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  1. 1. Drink stations were poorly managed with volunteers scrambling to feed the runners with non-chilled isotonic drinks.
    2. No drinks were available at end point.
    3. Distance for 10km was accurate.

  2. The organiser really cannot make it.
    1. they mention start at punggol ranch, but in the end, the starting line is around 700m away from punggol ranch!
    Why dont the organiser just say 5.5km and 10.5k instead?! Or even make the starting line nearer to where they mentioned!
    2. No puntuality at all. Stated 0830 is the flag off, but in the end, they start half hour later!
    3. Water point. Yeah, there are water points or water stations, but no water. The organiser just know how to earn money but dont know how to replenish enough fluid for runners!
    4. The whole running route is being planned unwell. Coney island run, i think the organiser should refer to performance series race 1.
    5. Not enough crew! The whole race only runner can be seen. Crew? Water point….finishing line…
    No one in between the race. Luckily no one fainted, or else no crew can help the casualty.
    Lastly, medal quality is so bad. Look like those gotten from second hand shop.
    In conclusion, 10 stars, i am giving 2 stars, and not going to participate in future.

  3. Coney Island Trail run was “supremely” badly organised. Similar race by PA (Organisers: Esprimo, I think) under Performance Series race 1 shows how a proper race should be planned and executed. Performance Series’ Punggol Waterway-Coney Island run, in the first place bore a more accurate name for the route. The start-end point makes logistics sense, not just as a route but for participants (3min walk from the LRT station). Sufficient water points WITH water. And so many more areas that Celebrity Trainer Pte Ltd should learn from. Above all, so much more worth it to participate in the Performance Series with proper premiums (and lower fees if sign up was for bundle package). I would think twice about participating again in any events organised by Celebrity Trainer.


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