Date: 11 November 2017
Venue: F1 Pit Building
Time: 5:00 am
Location: Singapore
Categories: Half Marathon, 10 km, 5 km
Event management: X-Change Events / X-Change Republic Pte Ltd
  Event day schedule:
0500AM: 21KM - Competitive (with Timing Chip)
0630AM: 10KM - Competitive (with Timing Chip)
0700AM: 5KM - Non-Competitive
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Male Runners (5KM/10KM)
YOLO Singlet
YOLO Run Tee
Drawstring Yoga Bag
Finisher Medal

Female Runners (5KM/10KM)
YOLO Sports Bra
YOLO Run Tee
Drawstring Yoga Bag
Finisher Medal

Male Runners (21KM)
YOLO Singlet
YOLO Run Tee
Drawstring Yoga Bag
Finisher Polo Tee
Finisher Medal

Female Runners (21KM)
YOLO Sports Bra
YOLO Run Tee
Drawstring Yoga Bag
Finisher Tee
Finisher Medal
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  1. The worst run ever. Late flag-off, route not properly plan, queue for collection medal and the worst: the collection of bag. Don’t think any organiser will break their record.

  2. No more yolo run for me. Paid for waiting than running. Running route not accurate, alot of bottlenecks, no usher and insufficient signage (some runners got lost/went wrong route). Paid for 10km but the route only 7km.

  3. Flag off delay about an hour. Route is terrible, too many turns, many turn did not have sufficient sign. Milage signs too little. Water points very small scale, unable to cater to the many runner.
    Well the t-shirt design is nice.

  4. I have run so many marathons but have never had such an awful experience.firstly it started late the flag off was supposed to be at 5am but we could start not before 545am. Then the route they planned was so narrow and bad.their website already said some 6000 people are running the 21km this time but the route that we had to go thru would never accomodate so much runners comfortably.there was once a time when the 21km runners had to almost wait for 10mins and then walk for another 10 15mins bcoz the passage was blocked bcoz of the 10kms and 5kms runners were all together at the same time and imagine this was after we completing 17kms .at that point stopping completely for 15 mins made all of us go completely cold and made us sick man. As the result the 18 to 31 stretch was so difficult.then the baggage, god a management guy saif that our turn wouldnt come before 11am and that time it was only some 9am.we had no option but to leave our bags and come water between 12 to 16 some kms.the glasses were also not filled so that runners could just grab one comfortably.many had to.take the entire bottle and leave it a little ahead.god such a wastage.overall it was pathetic and i am never gonna run the YOLO run ever.

  5. 1) 45 minutes Delay in 21 Km flag off
    2) Mismanaged routes with narrow stairs.
    2) only 5 counters for baggage
    3) Space utilisation was at start & finish point count have be much better.
    3) Dispapointed faces of Long runner stuck with other category runners(5Km)
    4) First Aid with no pain relief spay.
    5) Water provided at few hyderation point in 1 ltr Water rather than dispaosable cups.
    6) Monontonous & repetative route plan.
    7) Infromation desk was not supportive.
    8) 4 -5 Long lanes for baggage collections for 2 hours
    Yolo.. name heard for the first & last time.

  6. One of my worst run and last time participating – not properly organised at all – though nice weather but congested road at certain junction til one damn idiot runner raised voice at me when said “excuse me” and I told him off, no need to raise voice as everyone also running slowly!I have noted his name and Bib no. so don’t let me see him again!Spoilt my mood!!!! When reached finishing point, didn’t expect need to Q to collect medal and drinks – never in my other run, which need to do that at all! Super bad organized 😠😡

  7. #YOLO should change to YORO. Flag off time for 10km is 6.30am, yet can still see alot of them taking their own sweet time to enter the pen. Therefore, slight delay of 15min for 5km. Not sure about the distance as I only managed to spot the distance standee at 2km point. Due to the horrendous jam under the bridge, we are made to divert our route which caused us to miss the hydration point. The route is already so packed and yet have to make way for long distance runner. The route was so haywire that runners have to guess the route themselves. Even heard someone saying they took the wrong route. Pity those with timing chip, not accurate at all. Everywhere is queue queue queue. Lucky I did not deposit my bag.

  8. It is so bad that I think they should give us a refund because they did not honor their obligations. Honestly, who wakes up this early to run 7km?

  9. One of the worst race experiences ever. I hope organizer learned their mistake. U turn for 5km leading us to the wrong route and I need to complete 9.2km. Don’t mind the extra kms, but seriously the hydration point serves water instead of isotonic. Omg

  10. The worst is forcing people, especially the half-marathoners to queue for drinks/banana and to queue more for their bags under the scorching hot sun. It is not an excuse for the organiser to say they did not have enough volunteers. They could have paid staff to cover the gaps. Instead of rewarding the champion with a car, that car money could have been used to pay more staff to reduce the queues for ordinary runners.


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