SPARKD moves to its new home in the CBD with a greater focus on optimising cognitive health, brain performance, and longevity for professionals and high performers

SINGAPORE, 18 MAY 2023 –SPARKD, Singapore’s first gym specialising in improving cognitive brain function and performance, has re-opened its doors in a new location in the heart of the Central Business District (CBD). Located at 61 Robinson Road, the gym aims to better serve the executive and professional clients around the district.

As workplaces continue to be influenced by global competition, machine learning, and AI, more working professionals are recognising the need to improve, adapt, and maintain their brain performance in order to stay ahead of the curve. Studies have shown that there is correlational evidence that supports the claim that cognitive ability is one of the most significant determinants of job performance (Murphy, 2019).

The 1570 square feet gym takes a science-based approach in their programming, combining physical and cognitive exercises, which have been proven to render better results in cognitive performance than either type of training alone (Lauenroth, Ioannidis, & Teichmann, 2016). Making use of equipment brought in from the US and Europe, such as Reaxing and SMARTfit, participants will go through training designed to stimulate various domains of the brain.


These same technologies are also being used by the Canadian and US Special Forces, Ferrari F1 drivers, Italian Rugby Federation as well as leading soccer teams such as Manchester United and Juventus.

The SPARKD Story

SPARKD was the brain child of Anna Milani after she lost her grandfather to Alzheimer’s in 2014. It ignited her strong desire to find ways to help people maintainor improve their brain health before it was too late. Armed with her research into various studies and speaking to experts within the neuroscience industry, along with familiarising herself with the different technology available, SPARKD was born.

Currently, SPARKD offers a variety of options – from small group sessions to personal training as well as corporate offerings. Each session is a multi-component training consisting of resistance, aerobic, coordination, motor, and balance training along with cognitive motor training drills. The sessions are designed to challenge the body to move in increasingly complex ways whilst engaging the brain to complete a cognitive activity at the same time, training the brain to be a more resilient, responsive, and adaptive organ.

Anna Milani, CEO and Founder of SPARKD shares, “We firmly believe that cognitive training is an integral part of healthy living and SPARKD is equipped to provide the brain fitness training to enhance our brain’s potential. There are many benefits to incorporating brain-body training into our routine and to slow the cognitive decline as we age.”

SPARKD Box Pilot Study

In 2022, SPARKD carried out a study to assess the efficacy of a short-term dual-tasking cognitive-motor training intervention on the well-being (cognitive, physical, and psychological) of individuals. Participants were required to attend three high-intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions a week consisting of combined physical and cognitive training, either simultaneously (dual tasking) or subsequently.

At the end of the six weeks, they were required to do a reassessment of a series of tasks testing eight different functions – reaction time, hand-eye coordination, inhibition, prioritisation, tracking, attention, executive function, and basic functional mobility. 75%of the participants saw an improvement in at least 6 of the 8 tasks given as compared to their scores at the start of the study. The study also showed that 75% of the participants saw a net percentile increase across the four measured domains -memory, reasoning, verbal ability, and concentration.

The Future of SPARKD

Anna sees the potential in growing SPARKD within the business community as top executives search for non-conventional methods to enhance their cognitive capabilities and perform at their highest level. She has her eyes set on expansion beyond Singapore and is eager to spread the powerful benefits of brain and body fitness with more people.

“We’re excited that our new space will be able to reach a greater audience and look forward to working with corporations and organisations to help improve their teams’ cognitive abilities while getting a great workout at the same time!” Anna Milani adds.


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