If you struggle with a persistent level of fatigue, you will understand how uniquely isolating and debilitating this can be. Fatigue goes beyond typical tiredness. It is a major mental and physical condition that affects your ability to engage fully with all the demands and enjoyment to be had in daily life. While sometimes there are simple answers, for instance improving your sleep schedule, other times there may need for something more medically focused. Here are five tips for fighting fatigue.

Observe Your Stress Levels

Carrying a high or mid-range level of stress around all the time can really tire you out. Stress is often circumstantial, though if you live through a particularly traumatic event or have some attachment issues from childhood, your brain may be wired for hypervigilance. So, it is a sliding scale, and it’s up to you to decide where you fit on the line. Whatever the cause of your stress, whether it is temporary or you have a permanently high cortisol level, it will affect your ability and capacity to sleep. It will wear you down during the day and make you feel fatigued. Take steps to minimize your stress levels and there will be a natural improvement on the fatigue front.

Take a Look at Gut Health

Your gut health can tell you a lot about your body. How you feel in your stomach dictates a lot of other things like disease and the ability to heal after infection. While it is essential to always know what you are taking, some forms of probiotic and prebiotic supplements are extremely useful for assisting in the retention of optimal gut balance. When this is managed properly, you will organically have more energy and higher function which will reduce those fatigue feelings.

Try to Exercise a Little

Or, try to exercise a lot! However, if you are a novice it’s best to break yourself in gently. Exercise does so many amazing things for both physical and mental health. Exercising and breaking a sweat definitely increases the oxygen circulation around your bloodstream which in turn allows for more efficient uses of your (now increased) energy levels! It also helps you maintain a good weight for your demographic which keeps you physically healthier in general and fights off conditions such as high blood pressure which can make you feel fatigued at points in the day.


Say Goodbye to Caffeine

While it is appreciated that this one might hurt a little, saying goodbye to caffeine is a guaranteed method for reducing fatigue. Caffeine, especially when it is depended upon in high doses, is entirely detrimental to your ability to regulate those all-important energy levels. It affects everything, and the comedown, once the caffeine is leaving your system, can be catastrophic. Cut it out, even if you do it slowly, and you will definitely see an improvement.

Focus On Your Sleep Regime

While it may feel easier said than done, focusing on improving your sleep routine will be one of the biggest positive changes you can make to boost your mind and body. It will definitely fight fatigue as well. There are a range of conditions that affect the ability to fall asleep and stay asleep, but if there is a way to channel some peace so that you can get your recommended hours in, you will begin to feel so much better. White noise helps some people while taking a look at your diet into the evening helps others. There are plenty of niches you can tap into, you just have to spend some time figuring out the root cause of your problem first.

So, whatever you decide to do to tackle your fatigue, it is worth exploring all the options until something starts to click.


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