On one side of the spectrum, the answer to the question is: Certain scents can potentially trigger our emotional and physical responses and are utilized in aromatherapy to help combat anxiety. And the ratio of positive outcomes of this kind of therapy is around 50%. Now, on the other side of the spectrum, the answer can go a little bit logical and scientific. Plenty of major symptoms and effects of anxiety are out there which essential oils can proficiently deal with. Yes, essential oils are potent enough to resist any of the anxiety-associated effects even before they rise up. We don’t end here – the thing is that these all-natural liquids vary as per their capabilities, meaning, different essential oils can address different symptoms/effects linked with anxiety. So, by keeping such a repute of these oils in mind, let’s begin exploring our top choices for you.

Bergamot Essential Oil

Bergamot essential oil is on a super kind of rank amongst the essential oils that are best for reducing anxiety. The oil’s sweet, citrus uplifting aroma and its ability to boost mood, energy levels, and focus are the only reasons for such a reputation. Bergamot essential oil puts a positive effect on your autonomic nervous system, the system responsible for your ‘fight’ or ‘flight’ response. Are you working – in the office or from home – but are facing a lack of focus and concentration? Let Bergamot essential oil create a truly great working environment and make your home or office an inviting and productive place.

Marjoram Essential Oil

Marjoram essential oil is not very effective in dealing with psychological effects of anxiety. Then, why are we making it an item on the list? Let’s explain by calling it “pain-relieving Marjoram essential oil“. Anxiety often gets people experiencing constant muscle tension which further leads to cramped, sore muscles and muscle aches and pains. Inhaling or massaging Marjoram essential oil helps lower the pain response of the brain and can ultimately give you a more happy, relaxed, and enjoyable time.

Jasmine Essential Oil

Needless to say that people suffering from anxiety have a hard time falling asleep and enjoy a restful sleep. You need not worry if it feels familiar to you because Jasmine essential oil is here for help. The oil’s sweet yet floral scent promotes relaxation while enabling you to sleep more soundly. Additionally, Marjoram essential oil increases daytime alertness and boosts energy levels, two things that can be affected by a discontented sleep.


Bonus Tip

Although certain essential oils have unique properties and are capable of dealing with specific anxiety-related symptoms, they can give you something more than you even expect. You can alternatively prepare DIY blends by mixing 2-3 drops of any three of your favorite essential oils and dilute them with some carrier oil. Either way must remember that only 100% purity is the key to avail of their benefits. So, always opt for a brand that has nothing but only pure essential oils at wholesale prices – get purity and money-saving at a time!


Often, essential oils get overlooked as a tool for coping with anxiety but they always prove themselves much more valuable than any other anxiety-reducing hack. Mother nature has the solution to most of our physiological and psychological issues and we can thank her just by utilizing those blessings properly.


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