Running on a treadmill can be much more comfortable for some people than running outside. Not only is running on a treadmill usually softer on your joints, this lessening the pressure on your body, but you are able to keep track of how fast you are running, how long you have run for, as well as the number of calories you have burnt off. This makes it easier for those hoping to lose weight or run for a certain amount of time to achieve their goals. Plus, there’s the benefit of being able to run and exercise inside and away from any harsh weather.

However, much like any other form of exercise, you will need to train properly and regularly if you wish to optimize your running abilities and run for longer. Whether you are a seasoned treadmill runner looking to improve their form and times, or are a complete newbie to the treadmill running scene, here are some great tips to help you improve.

1. Remember to Warm up

Never forget the importance of warming up before you engage in any type of exercise. While it is tempting to jump on a treadmill and start running, you are likely to injure yourself and make your workout much more difficult. Remember that a warm up is there to help prepare your body for the pressure you are about to put on it. A good warm up will raise your heart rate and prepare your muscles by raising their temperature and sending oxygen to them.

The best treadmill warm up is to start with a fast five-minute walk, or a slow, light jog. After a few minutes have passed, you can increase the treadmill’s speed and incline, increasing the pressure on your body.


2. Invest in a Good Quality Treadmill

You will want to ensure that the treadmill you purchase can cater to your needs. There are many treadmills out there; some offer the most basic functions and then others have extras that can help keep you stay on track of your athletic prowess.

With so many treadmills on the market, how can you ensure you are buying the right treadmill for you? Well, you should always check reviews first. There are many guides and resources out there that can offer unbiased and accurate reviews of treadmills so that you can make a more informed decision on which treadmill is best for you. They can also help you decide on a treadmill that is within your decided budget and explain the added features such as inline and calorie counting functions.

Many treadmills will typically have the following functions:

  • Pre-set workouts/interval training
  • Speed display
  • A calorie burn calculator
  • A heart-rate calculator
  • A distance tracker

3. Don’t Neglect the Incline Option

When working out on a treadmill, many people will forget to make use of the incline function. While running on flat ground can be a great workout experience, adding an incline can make your workout much more challenging and help improve your running skills and cardio. Adding an incline can be essential for those wanting to become better runners.

4. Let Go of the Handrail

Just because a treadmill has a handrail, it does not mean you should be holding onto it or using it whenever you are running or walking. The handrail is there to keep you safe while getting on and off the treadmill, and outside of those two functions, should be ignored. Holding onto a handrail can make your posture worse when running, leading to back, shoulder and neck pain.

Learning to use your treadmill to the best of your ability and ensuring that you are making the most out of this piece of equipment can greatly improve your athletic prowess. Next time you head to the treadmill, make sure to keep these tips in mind.


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